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San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Does Disaggregation Support Data Center Evolution?


Michela Svaluto Moreolo, Centre Tecnològic Telecomunicacions Catalunya, Spain; Madeleine Glick, Columbia University, USA; Ken-ichi Kitayama, The Graduate School For The Creation Of New Photonics Industies, Japan


The concept of disaggregation is increasingly popular in both Datacom and Telecom, driven by the ever increasing capacity demand at reduced cost, as a promising candidate towards a more efficient resource utilization, improved flexibility, scalability and programmability. This workshop aims at exploring opportunities and enablers answering questions related to the disaggregation paradigm for supporting data center (DC) evolution from different perspectives, involving its impact on architectural, networking and management aspects as well as technological ones. Could this new paradigm achieve/provide the promised opportunities? Which are the enabling technologies? Are they mature enough? Which are the most promising for an actual increase of efficiency, cost/power saving, flexibility? What are the underlying challenges? What are the drawbacks? Could disaggregation be the enabler for converged inter/intra data center optical networks?

Specifically, the workshop will explore if an appropriate network architecture could be a key enabler of DC disaggregation. How is the inevitable additional latency of the disaggregated network compensated/mitigated/ alleviated? How is the bandwidth requirement addressed?

What are the architectural, control and management ramifications of disaggregation? How can these be addressed? Is there resistance from the user (data center, telecom operators) community? Which is/are the best architectural choice(s) in support of DC disaggregation?

How can scalability be efficiently addressed? Where is the bottleneck? Are the solutions being proposed scalable or a temporary stop gap? What are the ramifications of disaggregation with respect to energy efficiency? Is it an energy cost or an energy saver? Is disaggregation viable now and if not, what is the block? Is it just not yet?

The technology implications at the system, subsystem and infrastructure level represent another key point towards the data center evolution in the framework of disaggregation paradigm. What is the role of the switching infrastructure? How should it be designed to support and ease disaggregation and what are the challenges? Are new hardware and specialized components needed? What is the role of photonics? What is the vendor perspective? Are there alternative non disaggregated solutions that meet cost/performance targets? Are there critical applications that would suffer performance degradation with disaggregation?

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