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A Virtual Conference - Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-07:00)

Are We On the Right Track to Bring Co-packaged Optics To Its Prime Time?

Sunday, June 6, 2021
1:00 PM - 3:30 PM


Xin Chen, Corning Research & Development Corp., USA
Zhensheng Jia, Cable Labs, USA
Di Liang, HPE, USA


It is widely anticipated that next-gen 51.2 Tb/s switch ASIC will need co-packaged optics (CPO) to tackle the looming challenges in power consumption and bandwidth density. CPO is also promising to flatten current multi-layer switching architecture through a high-radix switch, and enable a large-volume application of fiber to the server (FTTS). This workshop is to stimulate extensive discussions on necessity and challenges to partially/completely replace pluggable solution, and to explore current CPO technology readiness and its future development direction in datacenters and beyond. The workshop will be debating and answering the following three areas:

1. Is CPO a nice-to-have or must-have solution within 3 years? Data center operators and system vendors will discuss their most concerned issues, and the potential applications (e.g., FTTS) CPO can enable or enhance?
2. What are the most recent technology breakthroughs in chip-level building blocks, e.g., SEDES, lasers, VCSEL vs. SiPh, parallel/WDM, DD/coherent, and PICs?
3. What are the progresses in system integration, including packaging, thermal management, optical connectivity, system-level testing and diagnosis, redundancy and serviceability, scalability, signal and power distribution co-design of optical integration with switch/DSP/logic ASIC, and relevant standard development?


Andrew Alduino, Intel, USA

Andreas Bechtolsheim, Arista Networks, USA
Talk Tile: Challenges and Opportunities with Co-packaged Optics

Vipul Bhatt, II-VI Incorporated/Finisar, USA
Talk Tile: Transceiver Implementation Perspective on Co-packaged Optics

Lars Brusberg, Corning, USA
Talk Tile: Optical Connectivity for Co-packaged Optics

Long Chen, Cisco/Acacia, USA
Talk Tile: Status of Optoelectronics Multi-chip Modules in Acacia

Darrell Childers, USConec, USA

Peter De Dobbelaere, Cisco/Luxtera, USA
Talk Tile: Silicon Photonics, the Ideal Technology Platform for Co-packaged Optics Applications

Mark Filer, Microsoft, USA

Gordon Keeler, DARPA, USA
Talk Tile: The DARPA PIPES and LUMOS Programs

Manish Mehta, Broadcom, USA

Joris Van Campenhout, IMEC
Talk Tile: Silicon Photonics Building Blocks for Co-Packaged Optics at 1Tbps/mm and Beyond

Mark Wade, Ayar Labs, USA
Talk Tile: Optical I/O Solutions for Next-Generation Communications Fabrics

Aaron Zikie, Rockley Photonics, USA

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