Ramon Casellas, CTTC, Spain; Loukas Paraschis, Infinera, USA; Vijay Vusirik, Google, USA


Network Intelligence has increasingly become an important new area of innovation given its potential to improve network dependability and efficiency. There are many exciting use-cases which collectively promise to catalyze the paradigm shift from event (often still human) driven networking to machine-driven and eventually autonomous networking.  There are also many exciting recent innovations in software automation in telemetry and provisioning with model driven abstractions, combined with AI/ML data analytics towards proactive (even predictive) network (often multilayer optimized) protection or restoration. This special OFC 2022 session will focus on promising contributions to network intelligence from fiber sensing techniques like SOP monitoring based on coherent transponders or distributed acoustic sensing (DAS). The recent advancements of such fiber sensing techniques in subsea, LH, and metro optical transport will be reviewed and debated. The combination of fiber sensing techniques at scale to predict and pinpoint physical layer issues and powerful software automation, design and operational tools to mitigate those issues, paves the path to self-healing and self-adjusting networks.