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A Virtual Conference - Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-07:00)

Lessons Learned: Networks 2020 Status and Next Steps


Steve Grubb, Facebook, USA; Loukas Paraschis, Infinera, USA


The global pandemic has had a profound effect on our networks and traffic.  Traffic was up by 70% or more in many cases, and certain video conferencing applications saw an increase of 700%.  The networks responded well with very little to no downtime or outages.

Beyond the initial surge in traffic, it seems to be settling into a higher level compared to pre-pandemic. It also appears that several emerging trends in technology and behaviors are being accelerated.  These include drastic increases in application like video conferencing, remote/distance learning, E-commerce, financial trading and our approach to entertainment, as well as increased emphasis in network automation and programmability. It is believed that most of these changes in usage and behavior will persist to a large degree, now that the benefits of these are realized and fundamental behavior in how we communicate and consume information has been modified.  This panel will cover the 2020 surge of traffic, but more importantly the changes in network traffic and architecture for the future.  The rise of 5G networks will probably also coincide or overlap with a recession of the global pandemic and this will also affect our outlook.


Najam Ahmad, Facebook Inc., USA
Kevin Dean, EuNetworks, UK
Bikash Koley, Google LLC, USA
Craig Labovitz, Nokia Deepfield, USA
Glenn Wellbrock, Verizon Communications Inc., USA

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