The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

A Virtual Conference - Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-07:00)

Emerging Photonic Technologies and Architectures for Femtojoule per Bit Optical Networks


Dan Blumenthal, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA; Argishti Melikyan, II-VI Inc., USA; Oleg Sinkin, TE Subcom, USA


As the capacity of optical fiber data center interconnects (DCI) continues exponential growth, energy consumption and cost efficiency become the most important factors of future scalability.  This symposium will address the energy efficiency of DCI networks and how new fJ/bit fiber link designs and technologies will be employed to realize 100 Tbps links and scalable DCIs. Invited talks in this Symposium will ask questions like: What are the power requirements for scalability and the bottlenecks? Which architectures can be used for efficient scaling? Is some new physics and/or good engineering necessary for fJ/bit 100 Tbps links and what technologies are candidates to commercialization? What is the role of coherent technology and connection to telecom applications outside DCIs?  The leading experts from industry and academia will share their state-of-the-art achievements and will try to answer these questions and more. 


Kai Shi, Microsoft Research, USA    
DCI Architectures for Energy Scalability

Erman Timurdogan, Analog Photonics, USA    
Intra-chip Communications and Power Requirements Tutorial: What it Takes for fJ/bit on a Photonic/Electronic Chip

Juerg Leuthold, ETH Zurich, Switzerland    
DCI Links 2 km< for fJ/bit Opportunities

Peter Winzer, Nubis Communications, USA     
Will it be Coherent or not Coherent

Vladimir Stojanovic, Ayar Labs, USA    
What Role Will Co-packaging Play

Mike Frankel, Ciena, Canada    
Prospects for Optical Transceivers Expanding to Access, Metro and Long-haul

David Miller, Stanford University, USA
What Pieces do you Keep and What to Give Up for fJ/bit Optical


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