Photonics Society of Chinese American: Reimagined Optical Industry Workshop

Wednesday, 09 June 17:00 – 19:00

The past year is a very interesting and challenging year for all of us in the optical industry. While many of us have to cope with WFH due to COVID pandemics, the optical industry is moving with many disruptive elements: Critical semiconductor/optical supply chain experienced significant disruptive changes and re-alignments; optical industry is moving forward with new generation of 5G optical networking deployment, at the same time with new generation of 400G data center connectivity upgrades; emergence of silicon photonics as a mainstream technology, especially in light of heavy push by some of the world’s largest web companies towards “co-packaged optics” may potentially disrupt existing optical module industry and forming a complete new eco-system built with highly integrated optoelectronics. Both in China and US, investments in “hard tech” have been greatly increased and in part as a response to disruptive geopolitics and supply chain realignment. All of these may set up for a very different outlook for the optical industry as we know it. In this workshop industry leaders and experts will share with us their views of the future for the “reimagined optical industry”, particularly from the views of optical suppliers, large data center operators, as well as investors for the future optical industry.

Moderator: Ryan Yu,  PSC Vice President, SVP, SiFotonics

Panelists include:
Hong Liu, Distinguished Engineer, Google
Evolving Role of Optics in the Data Center

Min Sun, Optical Network Architect, Tencent
Next 10 Years of Optical Industry

Hong Hou, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Connectivity Group, Intel
Title to be announced

Lee Xu, General Manager, Transceiver BU, II-VI
How to Thrive in the Ever-Changing Environment for High End Trancseivers

Kay Min, Corporate Development, Cisco
Investment in Optics and Silicon

*This session is organized by the Photonics Society of Chines American. Attendees interested in attending this session may access it using the following Zoom link: