OSA Booth Tech Talk: Silicon Photonic Circuit Design

Wednesday, 09 June 12:00 – 12:30

Wim Bogaerts, Univ. of Ghent, Belgium

In the past decade, photonic chip design has slowly evolved from physical electromagnetic simulations to higher-level circuit design. The procedures, tools and methods closely resemble those of electronic design automation (EDA), which is useful, as photonic-electronic codesign becomes more and more important to realize complex photonic functions. But the differences between photonics and electronics also introduces quite some challenges, especially in fast and accurate photonic circuit simulation and assessing the effects of fabrication variations on the yield of the circuits. In particular, silicon photonics technology is exceptionally sensitive to nanometer-scale deviations. We will discuss the current state of photonic circuit design, and the challenges lying ahead to make photonic design as reliable as its counterpart for electronics.