• Technical Conference:  05 – 09 March 2023
  • Exhibition: 07 – 09 March 2023
  • San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

Optica Tech Talk: Optical Fiber Design for Telecommunications and Specialty Applications

Wednesday, 09 March 13:00 – 13:30
Optica Booth, Exhibit Hall

This short course will cover the basics of optical propagation and fiber design, as well as the many ways in which optical fibers can be adapted for a wide range of applications. We will review an array of fiber designs for both transmission and specialty optical fiber and consider the role of materials, waveguide design and fiber structure for both fiber and fiber-based photonic components. After a review of fiber manufacturing technology and physical properties, we’ll present a brief description of utilization issues such as fusion splicing and cabling. Trends for next-generation, high bandwidth communications (designs for advanced modulation formats, space division multiplexing, advanced amplification), will be discussed. Special emphasis will be placed on using the same waveguide and materials principles to adapt fiber for the rapidly growing field of non-communications applications, such as high power fiber lasers, distributed optical sensing, and hollow-core optical fiber.