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A Virtual Conference - Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-07:00)

OFC Career Zone

Monday, 7 June; 07:30 - 9:00 PDT
Unfortunately, this event has reached its capacity and is now closed.

Part 1: “Career (Re) Start: Elevator Pitch, Resume Tips and Interview Best Practices”

An interactive webinar, where you will be given key insights to help you understand the relationship between your brand, elevator pitch, resume and interview answers. In addition to the classical discussions on resume tips, evaluator pitches and interviewing best practices, you will be provided with time to both work on the and get active feedback. Bring what you have.. or don’t have… but come prepared to work!

Tuesday, 8 June; 11:30 - 13:00 PDT
Unfortunately, this event has reached its capacity and is now closed.

Part 2: “Career (Re) Start: Elevator Pitch, Resume Tips and Interview Best Practices”

We are building off of Part 1 today. We will start with your resume and current/former vocation as a basis of the discussion. We will then address upskilling and the need to remain current in your field. Aligning your passion, skills and strengths to the current job landscape as well as identifying transferable skill sets that allow you to expand your job search. You will walk away with tools that allow you to evaluate your skill set, network and next steps as you transition to your next opportunity.

Bring your resume and a list of your current skill sets, and come ready to actively participate as we help you explore potential opportunities. All levels of experience welcomed to participate.

Wednesday, 9 June; 07:30 - 08:30 PDT

The Benefits of Research

Even before the pandemic many of us were wondering whether we’re on the right career track, and now it seems like even more people are thinking about making a change. Perhaps you’re one of them - maybe you’d like to try something completely different, or re-orient your work to do more good in the world. But making a big career shift can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know others who have made the same kind of move. In 2016 Dr Rachel Mason did just that, leaving a secure position in astronomy to return to graduate school for an MS in sustainable agriculture and a highly uncertain path forwards. Now a scientist in a field that is very different from her original one, Dr Mason will share her motivations for taking this leap into the unknown, describe some experiences along the way, and reflect on the pros and cons of taking this route. She will show that you already have valuable knowledge and experience to bring to a new field, while identifying important skills and personal characteristics to develop to make a successful transition. This talk will either inspire you to make a radical career change, or - just as important - prompt you to do something a little less drastic.

Please email directly to RSVP.

Thursday, 10 June; 07:30 -12:30 PDT

Employer Showcase/ Career Fair

Whether you're looking for a better job, re-entering the workforce, or just starting your career, don't miss the opportunity to meet with the leading employers in the optics and photonics market.

Employers don’t miss this recruiting opportunity. Hire top talent at the OFC Career Zone Job Fair.

Friday, 11 June


The OFC Career Zone Job Board will remain open for great talent to upload their resumes and apply for great opportunities.

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