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SC449 - Hands-on: An Introduction to Writing Transport SDN Applications

Monday, 12 March
13:30 - 17:30

Short Course Level: Advanced Beginner


Ricard Vilalta1, Karthik Sethuraman2; 1CTTC, Spain, 2NEC Corporation of America, USA

Short Course Description:

Within the course, the instructors will present a model-driven methodology and introduce participants to software tools used for SDN control of carrier transport networks through the ONF Transport API.  Basic building blocks for using, building and extending SDN orchestration and control applications for optical networks such as UML, Yang and JSON will be developed and implemented in a hands-on manner. Participants will learn and use open source tools employed in ONF’s Open Source SDN projects such as Papyrus and Pyang to view and modify the base T-API information model and map this to a Yang and JSON Swagger as part of an automated code generation process. The target is to develop simple stub code that can be used to generate and parse T-API at a client and server, and finally to write a simple application to consume the API and manipulate a transport network under control of an SDN controller such as ODL/ONOS.

In addition to the main focus on modeling and developing code, this course will also cover a few topics on SDN architecture and implementation for multi-domain, multi-technology networking and how the T-API Software Development Toolkit is used for network orchestration of SDN applications.

Short Course Benefits:

This course will enable participants to:

  • Learn and use the necessary open source tools to review and modify models for SDN control of transport networks.

  • Develop simple code implementing the models and its applications in a standard REST-based protocol.

  • Obtain practical hands-on experience on UML, YANG and JSON for the design of future REST-based interfaces for Control of Carrier Transport Networks.

  • Understand ONF Transport API information model and how to use it for describing multi-domain, multi-technology scenarios.

  • Introduction to OpenDayLight/ONOS northbound REST APIs, and how they might be used to establish T-API connectivity services.

Short Course Audience:

This course is targeted for industry and academic researchers who want to learn how to develop model-driven SDN Northbound Interfaces focused on Transport SDN and consume the APIs to write applications.

The participants shall bring their own laptop computers, including a pre-loaded virtual machine with all the necessary open source tools. Please make sure you visit: and follow the instructions before joining the course.


Instructor Biography:

Ricard Vilalta graduated in telecommunications engineering in 2007 and received a Ph.D. degree in telecommunications in 2013, both from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain. He also has studied Audiovisual Communication at UOC (Open University of Catalonia) and is a master degree on Technology-based business innovation and administration at Barcelona University (UB). Since 2010, Ricard Vilalta is a researcher at CTTC, in the Optical Networks and Systems Department. He is currently a Research Associate at Open Networking Foundation. His research is focused on SDN/NFV, Network Virtualization and Network Orchestration. He has been involved in several international, EU, national and industrial research projects: 5G-Crosshaul, EU-Japan STRAUSS, ICT IDEALIST, ICT COMBO, ICT STRONGEST, ICT OFELIA, FP6 E-Cab, and Spanish MINECO FARO and DORADO. He has also authored and co-authored more than 100 journals, conference papers and invited talks.

Karthik Sethuraman is Software Architect for Optical-IP Development at NEC Corporation of America and Vice-chair of the ONF Open Transport WG. He has extensive experience in architecting, designing and hands-on coding of management and control software for TDM, WDM and packet transport networks. Karthik has been active in Transport SDN since its early days and is leading the T-SDN concept and business development at NEC as well as standardization of the technology in ONF and other SDOs. Karthik is co-editor of the ONF Openflow Optical Extensions and project lead of the ONF Transport API. Karthik has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering and spent his early career in AI research.

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