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San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

SC429 - Advances in Flexible Photonic Networks and Open Architectures

Monday, 04 March
13:30 - 16:30

Short Course Level: Beginner


David Boertjes; Ciena, Canada

Short Course Description:

This course will explore the types of flexible photonic networks which are being deployed today.  We will begin with a review of the underlying technologies and the capabilities that they present and build toward the challenges that are facing operators today in trying to adopt these technologies as well as the challenges and opportunities of open architectures as the industry drives toward multi-vendor interoperability.  This emerging landscape can be overwhelming. – in this course we will attempt to provide some clarity and focus to help students better navigate the various options.

Photonic networks have been evolving at an increased pace in recent years owing to a confluence of technologies in both hardware and software.  The emergence of coherent optical modems, flexible grid wavelength selective switches and other important hardware components is allowing a level of flexibility which we are only beginning to utilize. 

At the same time, advances in software development and deployment including cloud computing and the drive toward SDN are promising to unleash this flexibility.  Many open forums are working on common data models and APIs which offer vendor interchangeability while others are working to standardize hardware. 

Short Course Benefits:

This course will identify progress and challenges in the following areas:

  • System architectures from traditional to open

  • Insight into the various open forums and standards and the problems they are trying to solve

  • Explore the changing roles of system vendors, integrators, and network owners

  • Identify the physical basis for the utility of algorithms and machine learning to improve network efficiency and capability

Short Course Audience:

This course is intended for individuals with a working knowledge of ROADM networks and coherent modems. It will be of value for industrial professionals (system designers, managers) who need to understand the tradeoffs of various open standards in the design and deployment of optical networks, as well as for researchers who are new to the field.

Instructor Biography:

David W. Boertjes received his PhD from the University of Alberta where he worked on applications of active and passive polymer optics.  David joined Nortel’s Optical Networks division in 1998 working on photonics components in fibre optic systems.  David has several patents in the area of photonic transport and has been involved in several conferences including OFC/NFOEC and the Supercomputing Conference series.  In 2014 David received Ciena’s Distinguished Engineer Award.  David is currently a technical advisor working on Ciena’s next generation packet optical transport systems.

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