The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Machine Learning and SDN: Towards Intelligent Data Centers

Monday, March 12, 2018
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Event type: Panel

Room number: 7AB

Organizer: Payman Samadi, Cornell Univ., USA


Machine learning based applications for data analytics are forcing drastic changes in data center architecture. On the other side, machine learning itself along with SDN can be leveraged to improve data center operation. In this panel, we discuss the opportunities and challenges that machine learning introduces in all layers of data centers. We specifically focus on emerging opportunities of machine learning for network infrastructure and service management, scheduling and resource allocation, physical layer reconfiguration, and energy consumption.

Omar Baldonado, Facebook, USA
Leveraging More Data and Software inside Facebook’s Network

Kevin Deierling, Mellanox, USA 
Machine Learning and Dr. Smart-Networking (… Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the SmartNIC)

Jamie Gaudette, Microsoft, USA
Machine Learning in the Azure Physical Network

Uri Elzur, Intel, USA 
The Evolution of the Applications and Infrastructure through the Eyes of Cloudification, SDN and NFV

Kathy Meier-Hellstern, AT&T Labs Research, USA
Machine Learning Meets SDN: Advanced Analytics in AT&T’s Domain 2.0 Network

Danish Rafique, ADVA Optical Networking, Germany
ADVA Optical Networking: Analytics-driven Cloud Assurance

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