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2018 Panels

2018 Panels

The panels provide an interactive learning environment and are open to all conference registrants. Like invited and tutorial speakers, panel topics and organizers are chosen through a highly selective nominations process.

Machine Learning and SDN: Towards Intelligent Data Centers
Organizers: Payman Samadi, Cornell Univ., USA
Flexible Grid Deployments
Organizers: Dave Boertjes, Ciena Corp., Canada; Mei Du, Tata Communications, USA
2020 Network Vision 5G and Optical Networking
Organizers: Douglas Freimuth, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA; Gee-Kung Chang, Georgia Inst. of Technology, USA; Christina Lim, Univ. of Melbourne, Australia; Rod Waterhouse, Pharad, LLC, USA
Near Term, Large Scale Fiber Deployments for Evolving Networks
Organizers: Danny Peterson, Verizon, USA; Alan McCurdy, OFS, Fiber Design & Simulation Group, USA; Jing Li, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable, China
400G Optics for Hyperscale Data Centers
Organizers: Xiaoxia Wu, Juniper, USA; Kenneth Jackson, Sumitomo Electric, USA
Is the Lack of Resilience in Access Networks a Potential Showstopper for Future 5G Services?
Organizers: Thomas Pfeiffer, Nokia Bell Labs, Germany; Volker Jungnickel, Fraunhofer HHI, Germany

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