The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Is It Time to Shift the Research Paradigm in Access Networks from a Focus on More Capacity?


Derek Nesset, Huawei Technologies R&D, Germany; Liang Du, Google, USA; Junwen Zhang, Cablelabs, USA


Delivering more bandwidth/capacity has been the top research focus in optical networks, access or otherwise. However, new services like 5G mobile X haul, edge computing, AR/VR, and UHD video distribution, are placing additional requirements on access networks. Characteristics like low latency, flexibility, reliability and scalability will be increasingly important for future access networks.

As we move to the next-generation of access networks, what new features are needed? What are the research priorities beyond more capacity? For instance, ultra-low latency transmission is increasingly gaining importance in access networks for emerging time critical services. More deterministic and reliable access networks architectures, and even new ODNs, are being demanded. Network virtualization, and more intelligent operation and resilience in access networks, also attract more and more interest.

This panel will provide a forum for a wide range of speakers to share their ideas on what is important in next-generation access networks. Speakers will discuss what key innovations are needed, beyond additional capacity, and the drivers behind those needs.

Topics may include, but will not be limited to:

  • Intelligent Operation and protection
  • Network resilience, or more resilient network in access
  • Ultra-low latency in access network
  • Reducing the power consumption: more "Green" access network
  • New ODN to improve performance, efficiency or service
  • Network Virtualization in Access
  • New Emerging applications that drive the developments of access

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