Progress and Roadmap in Silicon Photonics Foundries and Supply Chains

Wednesday, 09 March 08:00 – 10:00


Omer Khayam, Google LLC, USA
Di Liang, Hewlett Packard Labs, UCSB, USA
Joris Van Campenhout, IMEC, Belgium


Commercial foundry services and supply chain enablement play a critical role in the ecosystem, particularly to realize the scale and low-cost promise of silicon photonics (SiPho).  In this panel, we will invite SiPho-related foundries to discuss their short- and long-term commercial offering and roadmap to advance SiPho technology for next-gen applications in datacom/telecom (800G and beyond, 5G, CPO), optical compute, optical sensing (LiDAR, spectroscopy), and more. Topics covered will include state-of-the-art photonics building blocks, III-V light source implementation, E-O integration/packaging, fiber attachment solutions, design enablement and reliability & qualification testing. 


Robert Blum, Intel, USA
Title to be Determined

Patrick Lo Guo Qiang, AMF, Singapore
AMF’s Progress of PDK Development and Scale Up Plan

Anthony Yu, GlobalFoundries, USA
Title to be Determined

Edward Presiler, Towerjazz, USA
Title to be Determined

Yutong Wu, TSMC, Taiwan
Title to be Determined

Marcel Boudreau, NeoPhotonics, USA
Laser and Gain Sources for Highly Integrated Photonic Circuits

Andy McKee, Sivers Photonics, United Kingdom
Recent Advances in InP Laser Sources for SiPh Hybrid Integration

Lars Zimmerman, IHP, Germany
Title to be Determined

Oliver Sun, Innolight, China
SiPho Challenges in next generation module

Gunther Vollrath, Aifotech, Germany
Title to be Determined