Challenges of Coherent Transponders Approaching the Shannon Limit

Tuesday, 08 June 14:00 – 16:00


Steve Grubb, Facebook, USA
Priyanth Mehta, Ciena, USA
Georg Mohs, Subcom, USA


This panel will discuss the value of field trials with modern transponders. 

Key questions for debate are:

  • How close will we be able to approach Shannon limit in the field?
  • Will field trials be needed or can we characterize transponder performance sufficiently in the lab to predict performance in the field?
  • What is an acceptable gap between lab results and field trials?
  • Can we use offline processing to reliably demonstrate the capability of next generation technology or are the uncertainties too great?
  • What are the parameters in the field that should be controlled in order to allow us to get closer to the Shannon Limit?
  • Can DSP help to relax some of the requirements on these parameters?

The panelists will cover a broad range of perspectives from suppliers to users for a lively discussion.


Andreas Leven, Nokia, Germany        

Kim Papakos, Windstream, USA   

Kim Roberts, Ciena, Canada        

Pierre Mertz, Infinera, USA           

Liz Rivera-Hartling, Facebook, USA 

Christian Rasmussen, Acacia, USA

Mattia Cantono, Google, USA