The Optical Networking and Communication
Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Convention Center,
San Diego, California, USA

Integrated Optical-Wireless Resource Slicing Management for 5G Service-based Architecture and Multi-level RAN, Rentao Gu, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China and Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Internet Technology, Beijing University of Technology, China.
This demo provides an integrated end-to-end optical-wireless slicing cross latest SBA based core network, backhaul network and two-level fronthaul networks, presenting consistent heterogeneous coordination capabilities on different multi-vendor transport equipment and computing resources.
Demonstration of Routing and Spectrum Assignment Automation in a Transport SDN Framework, Srivatsan Balasubramanian, Facebook, Inc, USA.
We demonstrate a use case of transport SDN which can help with automation of routing and spectrum assignment thereby removing an error and delay prone manual planning phase.

High Performance Streaming Telemetry in Optical Transport Networks, Abhinava Sadasivarao, Infinera Corporation, USA.
We demonstrate streaming telemetry capabilities for optical networks implemented as modular software service. The telemetry system is capable of user-defined configurable streaming to an external collector at very high frequencies of all critical optical performance metrics.

Demonstration of Real Time VNF Implementation of OLT with Virtual DBA for Sliceable Multi-Tenant PONs, Frank Slyne, CONNECT Centre, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
We demonstrate the VNF implementation of a sliceable PON architecture enabling true multi-tenancy, giving Virtual Network Operators full control over capacity scheduling. We analyze resource sharing efficiency and latency performance for different NFV co-location scenarios.

CASTOR: An Architecture to Bring Cognition to Transport Networks, Luis Velasco, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain.
CASTOR architecture to enable cognitive networking is demonstrated. Extended nodes make local decisions, whilst a centralized system beside the network controller makes network-wide decisions. Interaction with ONOS, Net2Plan, and passive monitoring devices is exhibited.

Flow/Application Triggered SDN control in Hybrid Data-center Network “HOLST”, Yukihiro Imakiire, Keio University, Japan.
We have proposed a new data-center network architecture “HOLST” with dynamic and adaptive network configuration for reducing power consumption. This demonstration shows the method of detecting and assigning flows from traffic and application trigger.

Topology Description Generation and Path Computation Framework for Dynamic Optical Path Network with Heterogeneous Switches, Kiyo Ishii, AIST, Japan.
A topology description scheme, a topology generation system, and a path computation system for dynamic optical path networks which support dynamic generation of wide area performance-guaranteed network slices will be demonstrated.

Towards IP & Transport Network Transformation Using Standardized Transport NorthBound Interfaces, Ricard Vilalta, CTTC, Spain.
This demo proposes the usage of standardized YANG data models for multi-vendor and multi-layer optical control interoperability. L2/L3 network service establishment will be demonstrated as part of the network transformation strategy for SDN/NFV.

Automated Management and Control of a Multi-Vendor Disaggregated Network at the L0 Layer, Omer F. Yilmaz, Infinera Corporation, USA.
We propose to demonstrate automated service management and automated optical power controls over Infinera and Lumentum Open Optical Line Systems using an Infinera Layer-0 SDN controller.

Joint Optimal Service Chain Allocation, VNF instantiation and Metro Network Resource Management Demonstration, Francisco-Javier Moreno-Muro, Politechnical University of Cartagena, Spain.
In a metro network with VIMs orchestrated by an ETSI-OSM instance, and an optical transport controller, we demonstrate optimized service chain provisioning using the open-source Net2Plan tool with interfaces to OSM (new) and transport controller.

Network Slicing Resource Allocation and Monitoring over Multiple Clouds and Networks, Ricardo Martínez, Ctr Tecnologic de Telecoms de Catalunya, Spain.
This demo presents an in-operation network slice resource allocator, which is able to consider networking and cloud infrastructure. Monitoring cloud and network resources allows enhancing the (re-)allocation of network slices, while accommodating novel slice requests.

Fully Disaggregated ROADM White Box with NETCONF/YANG control, Telemetry, and Machine Learning-based Monitoring, Andrea Sgambelluri, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy.
A first demonstration of ROADM White Box augmented with machine learning capabilities is demonstrated. The white box includes various level of disaggregation, NETCONF/YANG control, telemetry and spectrum-based advanced monitoring functionalities.

O2CMF: Experiment-as-a-Service for Agile Fed4Fire Deployment of Programmable NFV, Isabella d. Ceravolo, Software Defined Networks Research Group, Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES), Brazil. An open platform over OpenStack for control and management of experiments (O2CMF) for merging and adapting wireless and optical federated testbeds with proper cloud infrastructure is presented. TOSCA-enabled orchestration provides programmability for NFV experiments.

Demonstration of NFV for Mobile Edge Computing on an Optically Disaggregated Datacentre in a Box, Michael P. Enrico, HUBER+SUHNER Polatis Ltd, United Kingdom.
This demonstration showcases the hardware and software integration achieved by the dReDBox project towards realization of a novel architecture using dynamically-reconfigurable optical interconnects to create a flexible, scalable and efficient disaggregated datacentre infrastructure.

Network Orchestration for Dynamic Network Slicing for Fixed and Mobile Vertical Services, Rodolfo Alvizu, SWAN networks, Italy.
We demonstrate how a hybrid and hierarchical transport-SDN control plane based on a network orchestrator and an SDN controller can provide dynamic network slicing for enterprise-networking services and mobile metro-core networks.

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