A New FOWLP Platform for Hybrid Optical Packaging - Demonstration on 100Gbps Transceiver (M2B.1)

Presenter: Seongwook Choi, Lipac

The Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging, widely used in the silicon semiconductor system, is introduced for all-in-one hybrid optical package with small form factor, potentially higher performance, and expendability to on-board/co-packaged optical interconnections. To prove the new packaging idea, 100GBASE-SR4 standard is targeted in this demonstration.

Authors:Seongwook Choi, Lipac / Yoonyoung Bae, Lipac / Sukyoon Oh, Lipac / Seungman Han, Lipac / David Dongwoo Park, Lipac / Youngjun Park, Lipac


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