Demonstration of Extensible Disaggregated NE Management Based on a SONiC-Compliant Software-Agent Optical OpenConfig/GNMI Telemetry Go Implementation. (M1B.4)

Presenter: Abhinava Sadasivarao, Infinera Corporation

The proof-of-concept of a robust and extensible disaggregated network element management using a SONiC-complaint Go-based software agent implementation of OpenConfig gNMI optical streaming telemetry, is demonstrated and evaluated in a multivendor testbed.

Authors:Abhinava Sadasivarao, Infinera Corporation / Yawei Yin, Microsoft Corporation / Karthikeyan Balasubramanian, Microsoft Corporation / Ryan Morgan, Microsoft Corporation / Paulo Gomes, Infinera Corporation / Sharfuddin Syed, Infinera Corporation / Loukas Paraschis, Infinera Corporation


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