GNPy & YANG: Open APIs for End-to-End Service Provisioning in Optical Networks (M1B.6)

Presenter: Jan Kundrát, CESNET

We demonstrate end-to-end service provisioning in a fully disaggregated optical network using open software interfaces.
The GNPy quality-of-transmission estimator is extended with a YANG-based API.
The YANG modeling work builds on the IETF standard schemas, and describes multiple layers of the network at once.

Authors:Jan Kundrát, CESNET / Esther Le Rouzic, Orange / Jonas Mårtensson, RI.SE / Andrea Campanella, Open Networking Foundation / Ondrej Havliš, CESNET / Andrea D'Amico, POLITO / Gert Grammel, Juniper / Gabriele Galimberti, Cisco / Vittorio Curri, POLITO / Josef Vojtech, CESNET


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