Operationalizing Partially Disaggregated Optical Networks: an Open Standards-Driven Multi-Vendor Demonstration (M1B.2)

Presenter: Esther Le Rouzic, Orange Labs

We present and demonstrate service provisioning in partially disaggregated multi-vendor network automation scenarios with online physical impairment validation. This work uses and extends standard interfaces (OpenConfig and ONF Transport API) to retrieve network information interacting with TIP GNPy tool.

Authors:Esther Le Rouzic, Orange Labs / Anders Lindgren, Telia / Stefan Melin, Telia / Denise Provencher, Fujitsu / Raghavan Subramanian, Fujitsu / Roshan Joyce, Fujitsu / Francois Moore, Fujitsu / Dwayne Reeves, Fujitsu / Antonio Rambaldi, ADVA / Pawel Kaczmarek, ADVA / Kevin Weeks, ADVA / Gaurav Agrawal, IP Infusion / Srikanth Krishnamoha, IP Infusion / Bartek Raszczyk, EdgeCore / Tomas Uhlar, CESNET / Ramon Casellas, CTTC / Oscar Gonzalez de dios, Telefonica R&D / Victor López, Telefonica R&D


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