SDN-Controlled Dynamic Front-Haul Provisioning, Emulated on Hardware and Virtual COSMOS Optical x-Haul Testbeds (M2B.8)

Presenter: Bob Lantz, University of Arizona

We demonstrate SDN-controlled dynamic front-haul optical network provisioning and modulation format adaptation, running on an emulation of the COSMOS testbed benchmarked against the COSMOS hardware testbed.

Authors:Bob Lantz, University of Arizona / Jiakai Yu, University of Arizona / Ayush Bhardwaj, Trinity College Dublin / Alan Díaz Montiel, Trinity College Dublin / Aamir Quraishy, University of Arizona / Steven Santaniello, University of Arizona / Tingjun Chen, Duke University / Rina Fujieda, University of Arizona / Atri Mukhopadhyay, Trinity College Dublin / Gil Zussman, Columbia University / Marco Ruffini, Trinity College Dublin / Daniel Kilper, University of Arizona


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