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“Light the Future: A Community Outreach Event” for Los Angeles Area Students Taking Place at OFC Cel


25 March 2015

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“Light the Future: A Community Outreach Event” for Los Angeles Area Students Taking Place at OFC Celebrates International Year of Light

100+ local students and Girl Scouts will get a glimpse of the light-focused applications that affect everyday life

LOS ANGELES — OFC 2015, being held this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center, will celebrate the International Year of Light (IYL) on Thursday, 26 March with “Light the Future: A Community Outreach Event” for local Orange County middle school students that will feature light-focused demonstrations from The Optical Society (OSA) university chapter members. More than 100 middle school students and members of local Girl Scout troops will have the opportunity to meet representatives of global companies in the optics and photonics industry who will explain the many applications of optics technologies that affect everyday life, such as mobile apps and telecommunications. Students are also invited to tour the exhibition floor featuring 560 companies.

In addition to the demonstrations, student groups will receive an International Year of Light “LIGHT BLOX” kit which features several optics-based projects that can be easily recreated at home or in the classroom. 

WHAT: “Light the Future: A Community Outreach Event” at OFC.

WHEN: 26 March 2015, 11:00 a.m. PST

WHERE: Exhibit Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

DETAILS: Participating volunteers and OSA student chapters include:
Spectrobox; The Colors of Light
University of California, Irvine, USA
The Optical Society Student Chapter

Demonstration:  Students will present a kit they designed specifically for their own youth education outreach efforts. This kit provides lessons on the colors that make up white light as well as how light can be mixed as well as split.
Slinky Spring, Magic Balls, Color Mix Box and Guiding Light
University of Aveiro, Portugal
The Optical Society Student Chapter

Demonstration: Students will conduct four demonstrations in the wave-like properties of light, transparency, how wavelengths interact and light propagation.
Telecommunications, EM Spectrum and Lenses, Optical Illusions, Mirrors and Reflections, Music Transmission
University of Southampton, UK
The Optical Society Student Chapter

Demonstrations: Interactive topics to include optical illusions, holograms and telecommunications.
Music Transmission/Amplitude Modulation
IEEE Photonics Society

Demonstrations: Volunteers will use an interactive display to allow students to transmit sound from their smartphones with laser technology. A photodetector will capture the laser beam light and act as the receiver.
Solar Aid/Unite to Light
IEEE Photonics Society

Raising Awareness: Volunteers will learn how they can help grow the efforts of Solar Aid and Unite to Light to bring access to safe, clean solar lights to communities in Africa.

PRESS REGISTRATION: Media/analysts are encouraged to attend and can register on-site at OFC in room 309, South Hall of the Convention Center.

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