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11 March 2014

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2014 Corning Outstanding Student Paper Competition Winner Announced at OFC

SAN FRANCISCO, March 11, 2014—The OSA Foundation and Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) are pleased to announce that the 2014 Corning Outstanding Student Paper Competition winner is Johannes von Lindeiner of the University of Cambridge, UK. Lindeiner was awarded top honors for his paper “100 Gb/s Uncooled DWDM using Orthogonal Coding for Low-cost Datacommunication Links” which he presented at the 2014 OFC Conference and Exposition being held March 9-13 in San Francisco, Calif., USA.
The $1,500 grand prize and two $1,000 honorable mentions will be presented at the Awards Luncheon on March 10 at OFC. Lindeiner was one of six finalists selected from more than 341 student paper submissions. Submissions were reviewed and scored by the OFC Technical Program Committee, based on standard OFC paper review criteria. Finalists were judged on innovation, research excellence and presentation skills.
This year’s honorable mentions are:
Shohei Beppu, Tohoku University, Japan
Paper: “2048 QAM (66 Gbit/s) Single-Carrier Coherent Optical Transmission over 150 km with a Potential SE of 15.3 bit/s/Hz”
Samuel Olsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Paper: “Linear and Nonlinear Transmission of 16-QAM Over 105 km Phase-Sensitive Amplified Link”
Submissions for the 2015 Corning Outstanding Student Paper Competition will be accepted during the 2015 OFC Call for Papers process.
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