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OFC 2015 to Host 550+ Exhibitors Featuring Innovative Advancements in Science


10 March 2015

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OFC 2015 to Host 550+ Exhibitors Featuring Innovative Advancements in Science

Celebrating its 40th year, OFC promises to deliver most comprehensive mix of technical and business programming on cloud services, software defined networking and silicon photonics
WASHINGTON, D.C., March 10, 2015 – OFC 2015, the most comprehensive international event for both science and the business of optical communications, will host thousands of attendees from around the globe, more than 550 exhibiting companies from more than 65 countries worldwide and 800+ technical and business presentations. In its 40th year, OFC 2015 features all aspects of optical communications industry. The technical programming, exhibits and special events are developed for all audiences from systems and components manufacturers as well as service providers, carriers and enterprise. 
WHAT: 2015 Optical Fiber Communications and Conference and Exposition (OFC)

WHEN: 22-26 March - Technical Conference
              24-26 March - Exhibition

WHERE: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, USA
MEDIA REGISTRATION: Media/analyst registration for OFC 2015 can be accessed online.
Please visit the event website at for additional information, including travel arrangement details.
The industry’s most comprehensive exhibition features:
  • Exhibits from major international companies, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Avago, Ciena, Coriant, Corning Incorporated, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu Optical Components, Huawei Technologies USA, Infinera, Juniper Networks, Mitsubishi International, and more.  Companies include network and test equipment vendors, systems and component manufacturers, fiber cable and specialty fiber manufacturers.
  • Two Exhibit Hall theaters of business programming, featuring presentations by experts from major global brands and key industry organizations, including Alcatel-Lucent, China Telecom Beijing Research Institute, Ciena, Cox Communications, Juniper Networks, Optical Internetworking Forum, Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization (POFTO) & Information Gatekeepers, Verizon, among others.
  • Local Representation from more than 100 California-based companies on the show floor, including Broadcom, Cisco, Intel, Juniper Networks and more.
HIGHLIGHTS:  Complimentary exposition floor programming highlights include:
This three-day series of panel discussions explores the latest application topics and business issues in the field of optical communications. Presentations and panel sessions feature esteemed guest speakers from industry, research and the investment community, including Verizon, Infonetics Research, AT&T Labs and Juniper Networks. Topics covered this year include the state of the industry, network convergence verses equipment divergence, monetization of optical networks, and integrated photonics technologies, among others.
This program is specifically designed for CTOs, network architects, network designers and technologists within the service provider and carrier sector. The Summit includes panel discussions, a keynote presentation, exhibit time and networking time.

Keynote: Yukio Ito, senior vice president of service infrastructure, NTT Communications Corporation, Japan. “Carrier's View on Future Software Defined Networking (SDN)/Network Functions Virtualizations (NFV) Deployment”
Panel I: Value and Cost of Multi-Layer SDN
Panel II: Packet Optical: Does the Bumpy Road lead to a Promising Destination?
Four top industry analysts will share their insights on OFC show floor buzz, analysis of exhibiting company news announcements and what they mean to the industry. This unscripted session will give the audience an exclusive real-time industry insider’s perspective into the most important exhibitor news announcements, trends and show buzz. Analysts presenting include Dell’Oro Group, Infonetics Research, Ovum and Strategy Analytics.

  • VIP Industry Leaders Networking Event: Connecting Corporate Executives, Recent Graduates and Students: Tuesday, 24 March, 12:00 – 13:30 (Exhibit Hall, Back of 600 Aisle)
    This session brings together industry executives from Aurrion, BTI, General Photonics, Go!Photon, Ibsen Photonics and Nufren to share their business experience—from how they started their careers and lessons learned along the way, to using their degree in an executive position. The program starts with information networking during lunch and then transitions into “speed meetings”—small, brief visits with each executive to discuss careers, industry trends or other career topics.
  • FTTx Resource Center: Tuesday, 24 March – Thursday, 26 March (South Tower, Hall K, Booth #2556)
    The FTTx Resource Center will showcase demonstrations from the central office to the end-user. Visitors will see a variety of fiber and cable management products, testing, systems, splicing and new termination techniques for FTTB installations.  The Light Brigade will also offer its “Certified Fiber to the Home Professional (CFHP)” training program on-site.
Expo Theater II Programming (South, Exhibit Hall A)

Over the last several years the adoption of tunable based solutions has grown significantly. Innovation at the chip level has helped drive smaller size, lower power and lower costs and enabled products such as tunable XFP and tunable SFP+ optical transceivers. Looking forward, this continues to be an area of significant investment and innovation with a number of new application spaces where tunable technology can be applied. This panel will take a look at some of the latest innovations and applications being worked on today.

As Ethernet markets and applications grow, the variety of Ethernet interfaces continues to proliferate. While many people know about 400GbE being the fastest Ethernet speed being standardized, other speeds such as 2.5, 5, 25 and 50GbE are being developed for particular applications. This panel will look at the variety of speeds and their target applications that are driving these speeds.  The roadmap will discuss the speeds as well as the timing of these speeds and the underlying technologies.

  • Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) Symposium: Wednesday, 25 March, 10:30 – 13:30
    The POF Symposium will cover recent developments in POF technology, applications, technical standards, industry progress and new markets. Speakers from around the world will review opportunities for POF in areas such as Gigabit POF, 4K/8K ultra-high- definition television (UHDTV), home networking, IPTV, consumer devices, aerospace & automobile applications, POF sources and sensors, and high-temperature POF, among others.
  • Transport SDN - Clearing the Roadblocks to Wide-scale Commercial Deployment: Wednesday, 25 March, 14:00 – 15:00
Recent proof-of-concept and prototype technology demonstrations have shown progress in the evolution to commercial SDN deployment. Service providers, network element providers and software vendors are collaborating in standards bodies, industry forums and laboratories to identify and address technical and business challenges standing in the way of even early market adoption. In this session, members of the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) will review findings from its Global Transport SDN Demo and outline steps aimed at clearing the roadblocks to wide-scale transport SDN deployment. Panelists will address operational aspects, APIs, and the development of virtual transport network services.

The OIF CEI-56G interfaces will provide a new level of density and performance to the networking, telecom and computing industries. This panel will discuss the objectives of the five current OIF CEI-56G projects as well as the use of the three modulation formats: NRZ, PAM-4 and ENRZ in each.
The networking industry is faced with many challenges and this panel will focus on the trend for increasing aggregate bandwidth and increasing per lane data rates. Increasing per lane data rates brings in the issues of fundamental reach limitations due to physical losses. Increasing aggregate data requirements drive alternative equipment architectures such as the use of mid-board optics and mid-planes due to density limitations. This panel will debate the feasibility and practicality of architecture changes that can be enabled by the OIF’s newest developments that are in process including CEI-56-XSR, CEI-56-VSR, CEI-56G-MR, and CEI-56G-LR.
Expo Theater III Programming (South, Exhibit Hall K)

Those who work with or near fiber optic technology can be exposed to a wide variety of safety hazards. Fiber optic lasers, amplifiers, fibers, and chemicals all require a high level of awareness of proper safety practices. This session reviews fiber handling, laser types and classifications, and explores the safety issues that are of concern to anyone who works with or near these elements.
SDN has generated significant interest as the most important network evolution, both in data centers, and more recently in the wide area network (WAN). It has also become rapidly a very popular discussion topic for transport network architectures. This panel, organized with the support of IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative, will discuss how the SDN, cloud services and transport network deployment come together.
This presentation panel will provide a “how to” on SDN transport networks. Specifically, the panelists will provide a down to earth view on how it works, what we really can do and the overall operator benefit.
SDN promised a new form of network control, a way to drive innovations and generate new business at operators. What is the current state? What can we expect from SDN- based concepts in future? What benefit will SDN really bring or is SDN just the buzzword of the year? Panelists will discuss the operational benefits versus new business generation and key drivers in the optical transport market.
Currently high speed interfaces such as 100G consume significant power and space, up to the limits of current telecom office infrastructure. Applying current technology to the hyper growth of internet data is no viable option for the industry. There is a need for innovative technology greatly reducing power and space, consumption in the years to come.
This session will showcase the active and passive components used for optical multiplexing, bi-directional transmission, or in point-to-multipoint fiber to the home systems. At the end of this session, the attendee should be able to identify and explain the types of active and passive devices used in fiber to the home installations; compare and contrast the types of optical multiplexing; outline the basics of transmission equipment such as optical line terminals and optical network terminals; describe how diplexers and triplexers function; and summarize fiber to the home wavelength assignments and bands.
The photonics industry continues to be a dynamic market in which innovation takes place at a breathtaking pace. And much of this innovation is driven by startup companies. While many people like to start a company and many admire the startups that made it big, the process of starting a company can be challenging. The aim of this workshop is to provide practical guidelines     and dos and don'ts by featuring a number of seasoned entrepreneurs who tell their story. The focus of the presentations is to share key insights and lessons learned that are useful for any entrepreneur wanting to start a company or develop a new business.
The concept of flexi-grid super-channels and flexi-rate interfaces is relatively new to the industry. There is confusion in the market about the value proposition and use cases of these new technologies. Further there is the big question how to realize the benefits of this vastly increased flexibility without introducing too much complexity into a service provider’s organization.  This panel will explain practical consequences of these new network capabilities and how these new features will be planned and operated in the SDN world.
About OFC
OFC is the largest global conference and exposition for optical communications and networking professionals. For 40 years, The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC) has drawn attendees from all corners of the globe to meet and greet, teach and learn, make connections and move business forward.
OFC includes dynamic business programming, an exposition of more than 550 companies, and high impact peer-reviewed research that, combined, showcase the trends and pulse of the entire optical networking and communications industry. OFC is managed by The Optical Society (OSA) and co-sponsored by OSA, the IEEE Communications Society (IEEE/ComSoc), and the IEEE Photonics Society.  OFC 2015 takes place March 22-26 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, USA.
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