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Optical Communications for 5G Wireless

By OFC Staff

Short Course 444 – Optical Communications for 5G Wireless
Xiang Liu, Senior Director of Optical Access Network Research at Futurewei Technologies, Huawei R&D, USA

5G is coming to a neighborhood near you but when is the question. Mobile data consumption is soaring, but a broad set of technology advances is poised to transform what today’s smartphones and other wireless mobile devices can do—ushering in high-resolution video and fully immersive, 3D and virtual environments.

This short course explained where we are today with 5G wireless communications and where the new R&D opportunities are happening in the field of converged fixed-mobile networks. Today we are able to transmit a blazing 10 gigabits of data-per-second and short course instructor Dr. Xiang Lui explained that future networks will use Transport SDN (T-SDN) to free up bandwidth in locations where it is not needed to where the demand is needed. Changes are coming for high-bandwidth, wide-coverage access FTTH, FTTB, mobile backhaul and fronthaul.

“There’s a tremendous amount of work being done at all the major telecom companies, big and small. You see a lot of good activity happening throughout the industry and around the world,” said Lui. “At the industry-standards level, international organizations such as the ITU and 3GPP are mapping out the potential timeline for 5G with their sights set on 2020.”

The Industry Initiative for a Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI), recently announced a new specification to support the 5G front-haul which will provide enhancements to meet the increased requirements of 5G. With this specification, network operators will have availability of a wider radio base station portfolio with adaptability to all deployment scenarios and a shorter time to market.

Recent 5G Announcements:
Verizon Plans 5G Deployment in 11 Cities, KT and Huawei to Construct Flexible and Efficient Unified Transport, Huawei and NTT DoCoMo Reach 11Gbps Speeds in 5G Japanese Field Test

The groundswell of activity comes amid exponential growth in wireless data as billions of people expect more capacity in their mobile devices. Additional traffic demands will come from machines like networked cars and smart power grids. More will come from the ON2020 Workshop on Wednesday, 22 March at OFC 2017.

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