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Go!Foton Unveils NEW Configurations of the PEACOCTM High Density Fiber Platform Supporting MPO Patch


05 March 2019

Go!Foton (

Go!Foton Unveils NEW Configurations of the PEACOCTM High Density Fiber Platform Supporting MPO Patching, High Fiber Count Cabls and Installations with Zero Rack Space


Somerset, N.J. (OFC 2017) Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in fiber connectivity solutions will demonstrate the great flexibility of its PEACOC high density fiber management frame with several new configurations of this award winning platform.  PEACOC is a multi-application, fiber management platform that provides service providers with efficient, space saving solutions for managing the increasing connection density needed to support dense fiber scenarios associated with the deployment of 5G, C-RAN, and other deep fiber topologies.


The PEACOC platform is built on a patented spreadable adapter design that delivers on its promise to future proof fiber connectivity.   Designed to support easy and efficient craft access to 144-LC connectors in a 1RU chassis, Go!Foton will demonstrate how this very same platform can also support MPO connections and high fiber count, fiber flex circuits.  A fully loaded 1RU PEACOC chassis can effectively manage up to 864 fiber cores.  Each individual PEACOC All-MPO cassette tray (or FleT) can fanout 144 fibers into 12 individual MPO adapters, thus matching the MPO fanout with the 12 fiber sub-units within the traditional OSP cable infrastructure.  Pigtail solutions are also available with a wide variety of ribbon cables for optimal efficiency during splicing operations.  Coupled with emerging high fiber count cables with rollable ribbon technology, the PEACOC HD panel offers a powerful new option for managing dense fiber installations where rack space is at a premium.   A new MPO back-to-back chassis will also be introduced as a lower cost alternative for data center frames which utilizes large numbers of MPO patchcords.


An innovative wall mount bracket for the PEACOC 1RU panel is now available from Go!Foton.  The PEACOC wall mount bracket gives service providers even greater flexibility to leverage all the benefits of PEACOC in situations such as C-RAN and small cell sites where space in existing racks is no longer available.  Using the wall mount bracket, service providers can mount the 19-inch, 1RU chassis on any vertical wall surface in such a way as to allow easy access to the connectors when installing and servicing the PEACOC panel without interfering in the access aisles during normal operation.   Clever solutions like the wall mount bracket from Go!Foton give service providers greater flexibility to extend the limits of their existing infrastructure and facilities without having to take more drastic measures to acquire new space.  All hardware and solutions which make up the PEACOC family of high density fiber management solutions has been independently tested and certified by Telcordia as compliant with GR-449 and NEBS requirements.


Go!Foton is showcasing PEACOC™ technology and its growing line of innovative derivative solutions at the OFC Conference and Exposition in San Diego, CA March 5-7, 2019. Visit us at Booth #3721.


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