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Yelo announces NEW touch screen laser diode driver


16 February 2015


Yelo announces NEW touch screen laser diode driver

Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland – February 16, 2015 - Yelo, a leader in advanced laser diode test instruments and systems, announced today the introduction of the revolutionary NEW touch screen laser diode driver —its most user friendly system ever— the first of a new class of touchscreen testers. It allows the user to plug in their laser device and perform accurate LIV, Spectrum and Farfield measurements on a capacitive touchscreen user interface. The

Yelo laser diode driver is designed to give users confidence in the accuracy of their results, the ability to explore measurements further, and intuitive touchscreen operation. Its user interface design is a new revolution for Yelo.
David Simms, sales and marketing director at Yelo, noted, "“We have aimed to make this the fastest and easiest way possible for users to get their measurements. The user interface has been specifically designed with a clean layout and straightforward set up so that the user can start driving current and testing their laser device as soon as they take it out of the box. No manuals are needed and programming is not necessary”.

“With our laser diode driver, we have developed a system that improves the user experience and is intended to make their life easier”.

The Yelo Laser Diode Driver offers users a powerful combination of capabilities:
·         TEC control
·         Fast LIV, Spectrum and Farfield measurements
·         Laser device protection
·         3 modes for calculating LIV including; two point linear straight line, best curve fit algorithm and second derivative

For More Information
The Yelo laser diode driver is will be showcased at OFC will be held at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, USA March 24-26, 2015. Yelo will be at booth 2740. 
More information on the Yelo laser diode driver is available on Yelo’swebsite at

Yelo are the industry leaders in the manufacturing of laser testing equipment and have been performing laser diode reliability testing and printed circuit board (PCB) testing for over 30 years for the photonics and electronics industry. We are a dynamic engineering company renowned for our bespoke and cutting edge technology, with a variety of customers ranging from large multinational corporations to smaller specialist companies, Yelo designs, manufactures and supports test solutions worldwide.

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