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The latest alignment platform which condensed our Advanced technology


03 March 2015

Shinya Yanase email: /Manager

Erika Ibaraki email:

The latest alignment platform which condensed our Advanced technology

Shizuoka City, Japan—Suruga Seiki continues supplying a product having high competitiveness in the optical market. At the OFC show, we demonstrate the latest alignment platform DA200MP, which is a perfect controller with the alignment function for the motorized stage unit. It can be controlled four axes and eight axes with ONE, FLAT, ROTATE and FOCUS functions.

We also show our alignment system, which support the optical axis adjustment such as optical fiber, waveguide, LD and PD..

We, Suruga Seiki’s technology is essential for products in the areas of automotive sensor and mobile device such as a smartphone and a tablet. We have been in the world market with the application system which developed the mechanism part production technology in a positioning control, an optical measurement and a system architecture technology.

Be sure to stop by the Suruga Seiki booth #2135 at OFC 2015 and experience the diverse possibilities offered by alignment systems. 

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