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The introduction of EDFAs integrated with PTDGC


02 March 2015

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The introduction of EDFAs integrated with PTDGC

Suzhou, China. March 2, 2015 – AFA Photonics Co., Ltd., a new provider of Erbium
Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs), announced today the introduction of EDFAs integrated
with the innovative Passive Temperature Dependent Gain Compensator (PTDGC).
The breakthrough technology employed in PTDGC eliminated the need to use bulky
temperature compensators commonly used in conventional EDFA designs to achieve low
gain ripple over an extended temperature range of operation across a wide wavelength
window, such as the C-band. The technology is equally applicable for amplifiers designed
for the L-band.
A comparison of the conventional approach to the PTDGC technology in achieving
temperature stable operation as shown in the table below indicate the superiority of the
PTDGC in size, power consumption, cost, manufacturability, and ease of operation, while
attaining a gain flatness of 0.8dB from -10 to 70⁰C, exceeding the performance of typical
heater compensated modules.

The thermal stability of an EDFA gain block integrated with the PTDGC as shown is
unattainable with conventional heater controlled EDFA.

The compact EDFA integrated with PTDGC is particularly advantageous in metro
100G/400G applications where space is at a premium and power consumption is a
significant concern, and EDFAs are necessary to achieve the high OSNR required for
these systems. The highly reliable passive and low gain ripple EDFAs will meet the
performance requirements of such systems with an ease of operation that cannot be
attained with conventional temperature stabilizing technologies. For further information
about EDFAs from AFA Photonics, visit

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