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Specialist of fiber optic connection

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Specialist of fiber optic connection

Established on May 24th, 2006, Jiangsu UNIKIT Optical Technologies Co., Ltd is specially engaged in the R&D, production and sales of optical communication equipments and high-precision optical devices. The company was set up based upon a strong designing and researching team with many intelligent, innovative and aggressive people. With high level R/D, we produce high quality, excellent performance products. More than 30 technical patents have been applied by our company and certified by China National Patent Bureau. Among which, there are Optical Fiber Fast connector, O-fiber Mechanical Splicer, deferent kind of Pig Tail Patch Cord, O-fiber connection Socket, and plastic adaptor. All of them are combined with our breakthrough technology and own special knowhow. Being high quality and good performance, our Unikit-made products take the leader in advance with high reputation in the field, break out the monopoly of foreign company’s products and has estab- lished a new technical benchmark in this field, solved the technical bottleneck of O-fiber connection physically for FTTH.

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