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20 March 2015

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First Ever Multi-Fiber-Tool to Recode, Retune, Power Read and microOTDR

Los Angeles, CA (March 20, 2015)Solid Optics, a global supplier of fiber optic transceiver modules and CWDM/DWDM products with offices in the US and Europe, announced today the release of its new, proprietary Multi-Fiber-Tool.  An exciting new product designed to save time and money for network professionals, this innovative tool enables users to quickly analyze and fix issues related to optical communications, as well as modify optics to keep up with rapidly changing needs.
The Solid Optics Multi-Fiber-Tool is a small plug-and-play handheld device with XFP/SFP+ slots on one end and a USB port on the other end.  The Tool can be connected to Android devices, MAC PC’s, and Windows PC’s using normal USB power and does not require batteries.
The Multi-Fiber-Tool was designed to analyze, determine, and solve issues for network design professionals.  For this purpose, Solid Optics equipped the Tool with four distinct functionalities:
  • Recoding  (change brand compatibility – i.e. Cisco to Juniper)
  • Retuning  (for Solid Optics Tunable XFP & SFP10G DWDM optics)
  • Power Read  (retrieve the optical power in dBm )
  • microOTDR  (detect fiber length and segments )
 “We are thrilled to introduce the Multi-Fiber-Tool to our technology community,” said Solid Optics Managing Director, Wouter Van Diepen. “This revolutionary tool will have a strong and immediate impact on the flexibility and analyzing capabilities of our customers, freeing up critical IT budget dollars for other uses, and making them faster, more accurate and more efficient.”
Solid Optics specializes in the rapidly growing optics market and custom dark fiber CWDM/DWDM projects. Solid Optics technicians are experts in dark fiber project design and coding for particular protocols, routers, switches, and network brands. Offering extremely competitive prices on an extensive range of optical transceivers, MUX/OADM products, and fiber service tools, it is the company’s expertise and commitment to quality that sets it apart. Solid Optics’ clients range from small businesses to global corporations, educational institutions, Government entities, Internet service providers, telecommunication companies and more.  
Solid Optics’ US headquarters are located 10575B Virginia Avenue, Culver City, CA 90232. Solid Optics can be reached at 855-678-4271 or Find Solid Optics on Facebook and LinkedIn or at

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