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Seikoh Giken Company Introduces FerrulePro™ – The World’s First Benchtop Fiber Cleaner

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Yumi Sugihara

Seikoh Giken Company Introduces FerrulePro™ – The World’s First Benchtop Fiber Cleaner

ATLANTA, GA., Seikoh Giken Company announces a new addition to their TechMate™ series of optical cleaning and performance tools – the FerrulePro™ – the world’s first fully automated benchtop fiber connector cleaner for laboratory and cable production environments.

FerrulePro™ automates the final cleaning of all types of terminated fiber products, a critical task where performance once depended largely on the production line worker's skill. Now, fiber connectors can be cleaned in a single 3 second cycle – eliminating the need for re-cleaning after post production inspection.

A key feature of the FerrulePro™ product is it’s unique self-starting holding chuck – allowing hands-free cleaning on a wide variety of fiber ferrules, termini and connectors – with little or no operator effort – significantly shortening production cycle time while offering highly consistent results among all skill levels. The Seikoh Giken FerrulePro™ benchtop cleaner has been designed and developed for production environments where rugged, non-stop 24 hour operation is critical. A highly textured, durable, inclined wedge-shaped body provides users with exceptional control of the cleaning process while offering clear visibility and optimum production flow. Manufacturers today are constantly challenged to introduce eco-friendly, highly durable products with excellent design. The FerrulePro™ responds to market demand by way of it’s uniquely developed concept, focused on environmental protection and high quality.

Seikoh Giken Company continues it’s global leadership in developing cutting-edge interconnect products, optical termination, polishing and fiber cleaning tools. The TechMate series includes the FerruleMate™ - introduced in 2005, the world’s first handheld tool designed to clean connectors through a bulkhead adapter. In recent years, HandiMate™- a palm-sized, low-cost cleaning tool offering 500+ cleanings per unit, and the RepairMate™ - a simple restoration polishing solution weighing only 600g for repairing damaged connectors in the field.

For additional information, contact Seikoh Giken USA Incorporated, Fiber Optic Products Division, 4405 International Boulevard, Norcross, GA 30093, (770) 279-6602, or Fax (770) 279-8839, or e-mail

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