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SCHOTT Introduces New Fiber Optic Communications Capabilities at the Optical Fiber Communication Con

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SCHOTT Introduces New Fiber Optic Communications Capabilities at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition

SCHOTT North America, Inc. will exhibit its expansion into fiber optical communications systems at the Optical Fiber Communication Exposition in Anaheim, Calif. on March 19-21, 2013 at booth 2245. SCHOTT will demonstrate a free space optical communications system and a datacom fiber, both of which are ideal for supporting the defense and intelligence communities. “SCHOTT’s Lighting and Imaging division is building upon its long history of developing superior technologies for the U.S. military and the warfighter,” said Major General (Ret.) Scott Custer, USAF, President and CEO of SCHOTT Defense. “Expanding our footprint by offering mission-critical communications technology that provides precise, secure, and dependable means of transmitting information on and off the battlefield will help protect the lives of U.S. servicemen and women around the world.” SCHOTT’s free space optical (FSO) communications system is a covert technology that enables uninterrupted, secure communications—building-to-building, vehicle-to-vehicle, and tower-to-tower—particularly in RF-denied environments or where high-capacity fiber optic cables have been damaged or are not available, SCHOTT’s FSO communications system incorporates a patented automated beam pointing, acquisition, and tracking (PAT) technique to maintain communications regardless of available bandwidth, distance, adverse weather conditions, or movement. Further, since the terminal uses a low-powered infrared laser, it is nearly impossible for adversaries to detect and intercept the beam while the system is operating, providing the ultimate intelligent gateway and enabler for covert operations. SCHOTT will also display its datacom cable, a glass optical fiber cable proven in the automotive sector and now offering promising ruggedized data solutions for the military. The high-strand-count, multi-fiber cable provides redundancy for critical applications, such as smart missiles, intra-vehicle communications, and soldier-worn data systems, by preventing interruption of data flow even with broken single fibers. It also offers thermal stability over a high temperature range, a small bending radius for convenient routing and assembly, and has negligible optical attenuation over short distances. SCHOTT’s glass research and engineering expertise enables it to develop custom-built military fiber optic solutions for new types of defense and security applications. SCHOTT’s lighting and imaging products are enabling the defense industry to develop military-grade night vision, displays, and other technologies that are smaller, lighter, and more effective. View the full release at:

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