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Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitters Market Forecast


27 February 2015

Theresa Hosking
Telephone/USA: 831-708-2381

Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitters Market Forecast

Fiber-to-the-Home deployment dominates the PLC splitter marketplace…

Aptos, CA (USA) – February 27, 2015  -- ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market/technology consultancy, today announced the report release of their market forecast of the global consumption of Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitters used in Fiber Optic Communication Networks.
According to the ElectroniCast market report, the consumption value of component-level (compact device) PLC splitters reached $608.7 million in 2014. PLC splitters will continue to contribute an important role in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks by allowing a single passive optical network (PON) interface to be shared among many subscribers. PLC Splitters distribute optical signals from input port to multiple outputs port. 
 PLC splitters are available in compact sizes; therefore, they can be used in aerial apparatus, pedestals or in-ground as well as rack mount or other module-based value-added product. Installation is simple using a variety of connector types or fusion splicing.
The report also provides market data on the PLC splitter chips, which are used in the compact splitter devices.  Additionally, the report provides market data on PLC-based splitter modules, which house the PLC splitter devices.
“The Fiber-to-the-Home network application dominates the worldwide PLC splitter consumption value in 2015. Other application categories are Private Enterprise Networks, Harsh Environments and Test/Measurement devices,” stated Stephen Montgomery, Director of the Fiber Optics Components group at ElectroniCast Consultants. 
“PLC splitters are available in several configuration, the ElectroniCast market study provides market data on 11-separate configuration for the years 2014-2019.  The 1x4 split configuration dominated the market in 2014; however, the higher split-ratios, such as the 1x16, 1x32, 2x16, and 2x32 are forecast with much faster annual growth,” Montgomery added.
This market forecast report is available immediately from ElectroniCast Consultants. For detailed information on this or other services provided by ElectroniCast, please contact Theresa Hosking, Marketing/Sales;  
(Telephone/USA: 831-708-2381)
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