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Photon Kinetics and Genia Photonics Announce 850 nm Fiber Laser for High Resolution Differential Mod

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Photon Kinetics and Genia Photonics Announce 850 nm Fiber Laser for High Resolution Differential Mode Delay Measurements

Anaheim, California, March 19, 2013 – Photon Kinetics is pleased to announce that a co- development effort with Genia Photonics (Laval, Quebec, Canada) has achieved its goal of producing a high performance 850 nm fiber laser, specifically designed for high resolution measurement of multimode fiber differential mode delay (DMD). As a key component of the Photon Kinetics 2500 Optical Fiber Analysis System, the new laser will produce the very short optical pulses that up to now have only been obtainable from Ti:Sapphire solid state lasers. The new, mode-locked fiber laser is extremely stable and its novel design greatly reduces or even eliminates issues commonly associated with Ti:Sapphire lasers such as the need to constantly monitor output power, and to install the laser in a highly controlled environment with restricted access. “Many manufacturers of high bandwidth multimode fibers need to be able to measure DMD on lengths of OM4 and other multimode fibers as short as 100 meters. Up to now, this has only been possible with measurement systems that utilize Ti:Sapphire lasers.” said Casey Shaar, Chief Technology Officer of Photon Kinetics. “This new fiber laser developed with Genia Photonics produces short, spectrally narrow pulses comparable to a Ti:Sapphire laser, but it does so without the significant safety and stability issues that can be very problematic for our customers who need to perform DMD measurements on the production floor.” Joseph Salhany, Vice President of R&D and Product Management at Genia Photonics added, “We were excited to work with Photon Kinetics on this project as it presented an opportunity for us to demonstrate the versatility and capability of our unique technology in a new test and measurement market. Photon Kinetics is clearly the recognized leader in optical fiber test and we are pleased to deliver a solution that we believe will help them to maintain that market position.” The PK/Genia 850 nm fiber laser will be available exclusively from Photon Kinetics for the optical fiber differential mode delay measurement application, and will be offered as part of the High Resolution SMLDMD Option for the 2500 Optical Fiber Analysis System. Contact: Dave Kritler, Marketing Manager Photon Kinetics +1 503 526 4655,

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