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PARALLEX® platform system fulfills all needs for BER component and transceiver testing

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PARALLEX® platform system fulfills all needs for BER component and transceiver testing

LUCEO Technologies is Berlin, Germany, headquartered and is the world´s leading provider of modular Bit Error Rate test & measurement solutions. LUCEO manufactures high quality optical/electrical BERT systems at affordable costs and comfortable operation.

Main product: PARALLEX® - modular platform for parallel BER testing in the 10G range per channel with unlimited channels plus peripheral devices for optical communication test. Important application areas:
  • QSFP
  • Active Optical Cable (AOC)
  • PCI
  • Transceiver
  • Testing 1 to 14.4Gbps

PARALLEX® - Multi Channel Bit Error Rate Tester

A way of increasing the bandwidth through any media type can be achieved by parallel data streams. In optical communications both implementations of multiplexing identical wavelengths in parallel cables or parallel wavelengths in the same media channel are used. Applications like AOC, QSFP or 40GbE/100GbE require to test several channels simultaneously. Crosstalk is an important parameter to investigate. So is sensitivity. In the PARALLEX® mainframe multiple BER Tester modules can be used per setup. The concept allows for basically any channel count within the PARALLEX® system for e.g. 4 Channel QSFP or 12 channel AOC BER Test. Overall BER and individual channel BER is measured. By default the phase correlation is random. Adjustment of the phase can optionally be done by use of LUCEO’s Phase Shifter. The PARALLEX® GUI is able to combine up to 24 BERT as a whole system. Choose from a variety of functional modules:

  • EPG – Electrical Pattern Generator 1 to 14.4Gbps
  • EED – Electrical Error Detector 1 to 14.4Gbps
  • CLK – Clock source
  • CDIS – Clock Distributor
  • CD – Clock Divider
  • CDR – electrical Clock and Data Recovery
  • DMM – DC-Digital Multimeter
  • DEP – De-Emphasis
  • iCMSFP – internal SFP converter
  • iCMXFP – internal XFP converter
  • OPM – Optical Power Meter
  • OSA – Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • OSW – Optical Switch
  • PHS – Phase Shifter
  • VOA – Variable Optical Attenuator
  • Mainframes 19” and 19”/2 with power supply and interfaces

GPIB/USB/LAN New products:

CLK20 is a high speed clock source module that plugs into the PARALLEX® chassis. The clock works over a continuous range from 78.125 MHz to 20 GHz. Functionally it is not bound to the EBERT modules hence it can be used for driving any other devices, too. It has a divided clock output to offer a subrate trigger for oscilloscopes that have limited trigger bandwidth.

CDIS is a clock distribution module 1GHZ - 15GHZ that plugs into the PARALLEX® chassis. It distributes a clock to 6 outputs. Combined with six pairs of pattern generator / error detector it provides half of a 12-channel duplex tester for Infiniband AOCs.

CD-3 is a clock divider module that plugs into the PARALLEX® chassis. With a divider input range of 1GHz – 17GHz, the module provides division rates of 1 to 256 with step size 1.

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