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OPTOKON presents OPTOKONcept featuring the new in-band managed multi-service platform at OFC 2012 Bo

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Paul Simpson OPTOKON a.s. +420 564040111

OPTOKON presents OPTOKONcept featuring the new in-band managed multi-service platform at OFC 2012 Booth 1649

JIHLAVA, CZECH REPUBLIC, Feb. 21 - OPTOKON will be presenting its popular FTTH-OPTOKONcept system at OFC 2012 - the complete FTTH turnkey solution for broadband connectivity that provides users with high-speed unlimited bandwidth and services directly in their own homes and premises. OPTOKONcept covers everything required for your project – consultation, pricing, delivery, installation, testing, maintenance and training.

A key OPTOKONcept component featured this year is the CRM220 in-band managed multi-service platform, a 20 slot fiber media converter chassis with in-band management. Any CRM220 series media converter, transponder/repeater, fiber modem or network management controller can be installed in the chassis and managed using the CRM220-NMC network management card. All critical components, power, fans, management module and interface cards are hot swappable, therefore allowing online field replacement.

The CRM220 in-band managed platform provides an economical solution in high density fiber converter installations in enterprises or central offices. A number of cards are available to support different protocols including Ethernet, Voice, Data, transponders, FOM and IMUX. Full details along with datasheets for download can be found here. The CRM220 In-band managed multi-service platform can be viewed and demonstrated at Booth 1649 at OFC 2012

OPTOKON a.s. is a European based technical center founded in January 1991 and develops, manufactures and markets fiber optic products at the leading edge of technology. In 1999, the OPTOKON calibration laboratory was established which is accredited under ISO 17025 (CAI reg. No. 2315) for calibration of fiber optic test equipment. OPTOKON fulfils all customer FTTH requirements with FTTH-OPTOKONcept™.

Additional information regarding OPTOKON is available from www.OPTOKON.COM For further information, please contact: Tel: +420 564040111, SALES@OPTOKON.CZ

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