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OpSIS and PhoeniX Software Collaborate on Providing Access to Silicon Photonics


03 March 2014

Michael Wisnia
+1 (302) 831-1681

PhoeniX Software
Twan Korthorst
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OpSIS and PhoeniX Software Collaborate on Providing Access to Silicon Photonics

Newark, DE (USA), Enschede (NL) - March 3rd, 2014. As part of the continuing expansion of the silicon photonics ecosystem, OpSIS and PhoeniX Software are actively collaborating in the development of an automated process design kit (PDK) for the OpSIS Multi Project Wafer services. This automated PDK will allow OpSIS users to design their photonic chips with PhoeniX Software tools and to automatically incorporate the OpSIS PDK building blocks, apply design verification checks and generate on-spec mask files automatically. This automated PDK has been used in the recent run OpSIS-IME-005 to validate the PhoeniX Software based design flow and is expected to be available for all interested users in run OpSIS-IME-006.
Registration for the next OpSIS MPW run (OpSIS-IME-006) opens June 2, 2014. Interested organizations are also invited to join the next OpSIS workshop, May 5 – 9, being held at the University of Delaware (USA).
"OpSIS is pleased to announce our collaboration with PhoeniX Software. With this alliance, users of the design suite will be able to access the full OpSIS developed silicon photonic PDK. More users will have easy and reliable access to design and prototype of SiP circuits using PhoeniX Software's integrated Design Kit," Says Michael Wisnia, OpSIS Director of Development. "The design kit is expected be available to PhoeniX Software users for design and fabrication with our -006 MPW run."
"We are delighted to bring OpSIS technology to our customer base," Twan Korthorst, PhoeniX Software's CEO states. "The OpSIS Center, has developed a PDK with some of the world’s highest performance active and passive silicon photonic devices. They offer affordable prototyping via their MPW foundry service.  During the last few months we enjoyed their dedication to provide state-of-the art services to enlarge the world wide use of silicon photonics to solve future challenges in communication, health, energy and more."
Optoelectronic Systems In Silicon (OpSIS) is a not-for-profit Silicon Photonics foundry access and state-of-the-art PDK design service operated by the University of Delaware, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. We provide the latest high-performance silicon photonic cells and design tools, and enable our users from Industry, Research and Academia with affordable access to fabrication.  We have trained over 150 researchers and students at our 5-day intensive training workshops, and have supported over 70 subscribers during our 5 MPW runs. All OpSIS runs include both active and passive components optimized for 1310 nm and 1550 nm.
PhoeniX Software, headquartered in the Netherlands, supports organizations worldwide to improve quality, reduce time to market and enhance research by offering unique and highly integrated software solutions, training and customer support. Customers are ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, universities and research institutes. We are supporting Multi Project Wafer runs at various foundries with dedicated PDKs for TriPleX, InP and silicon photonics. Our scope on the manufacturability of designs with a sophisticated integration of layout and advanced simulations for integrated photonics is unique in the market place.

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