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Opnext Expands Product Family with New High Power 660nm Red Laser Diode Featuring Built-in Monitor P

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Opnext Expands Product Family with New High Power 660nm Red Laser Diode Featuring Built-in Monitor Photo Diode Capability

Built-in monitor photo diode enables system designers to optimize laser performance during environmental fluctuations

FREMONT, CA, Jan. 19—Opnext, Inc. (NASDAQ: OPXT), a global leader offering one of the most comprehensive families of high power, low operating current red and infrared laser diodes, today introduced a 660nm high-power laser with a built-in monitor photo diode.

Opnext’s HL65051DG red laser diode, which is designed for applications such as LIDAR (laser imaging detection and ranging) and plastic optical fiber (POF) communications applications, achieves optimal performance and output by enabling system designers to monitor the laser’s performance and adjust output power in real time. Using a unique and proprietary design, the HL65051DG red laser diode is an addition to the Opnext laser diode product family, featuring the HL63142DG, which also offers a built-in monitoring capability, and was first announced in January 2011.

The built-in monitoring allows a system designer to control the optical performance by monitoring the photo diode current and adjusting for temperature and power variants. Performance monitoring capabilities are essential for maintaining constant laser output power in laser imaging detection and ranging applications as well as POF communications applications, such as the automotive market, where there are changes in the operating environment.

The HL65051DG operates at a temperature range up to 60°C and 120mW in the 660nm wavelength band in a 5.6mm diameter TO industry standard package.

“We expect to see initial demand for this high-quality laser from industry applications where precise laser control is an important performance parameter,” said Tadayuki Kanno, President of Opnext’s devices business unit. “The industry trend is moving toward producing high-power laser diodes that consume less energy, and Opnext continues to innovate in bringing these key performance capabilities to market.”

Chris Gladding, CEO at Blue Sky Research, said, “We value the Opnext high-quality laser devices and the tremendous service and support they provide across a variety of applications for our broad customer base. The HL65051DG is another example of how Opnext stepped up to meet a need in the marketplace for a high-power red laser diode.”

Driven by more than 30 years of innovative laser heritage, Opnext offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of laser diodes, spanning from 404nm to 852nm. Opnext high-quality, reliable red and infrared laser diodes are proven to consume a low operating current, which extends battery life, while still maintaining the integrity of the laser diode power in a variety of applications such as gun sights, rangefinders, line leveling construction systems and biomedical applications. The HL65051DG is expected to be in mass production beginning in April 2012. For additional information or sample quantities, please contact any of Opnext’s sales offices.

About Opnext, Inc.
Opnext (NASDAQ:OPXT) is the optical technology partner of choice supplying systems providers and OEMs worldwide with one of the industry's largest portfolios of 10Gbps and higher next generation optical products and solutions. The Company's industry expertise, future-focused thinking and commitment to research and development combine in bringing to market the most advanced technology to the communications, defense, security and biomedical industries. Formed out of Hitachi, Opnext has built on more than 30 years experience in advanced technology to establish its broad portfolio of solutions and solid reputation for excellence in service and delivering value to its customers. For additional information, visit


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