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NTT Advanced Technology Introduces New Optical Connector Cleaner, NeoClean EZ

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NTT Advanced Technology Introduces New Optical Connector Cleaner, NeoClean EZ

The NeoClean EZ is a compact type cleaner for use in even tight working spaces.

Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Expo, Los Angels, CA, March 8, 2011 -- NTT-AT announced the new release of Optical Connector Cleaner, NeoClean EZ.

As the pioneer in introducing the optical connector cleaner, NTT-AT has been offering products to meet the needs of customers for 20 years. Ever since its release on the market last year the pen-type cleaner NeoClean E has also been well received. And now at this time we have added the NeoClean EZ to the NeoClean E series lineup.

The current NEOCLEAN-E was designed with a longer length in order clean in the hard-to-reach recessed optical ports. The NeoClean EZ was developed as a short type made for cleaning optical ports in tight working spaces found in the recent high-density optical communications systems.

The EZ1 is for MU and LC connectors, the EZ2 for SC and FC, and the EZ3 is for SC, ST and E2000 connectors. With the attachment set at the back end, you can also clean into the recesses of optical ports. And by removing the attachment’s cap, you can clean plugs as well. The cleaning performance is the same as that of the original cleaner, and the cleaning diameter is 0.5 mm for the EZ1 and a 0.8 mm for the EZ2. Each cleaner is effective for more than 600 uses. The NeoClean EZ is a powerful cleaner for use in a wide variety of situations.

At the NTT-AT both, along with an introduction of the new product NeoClean EZ, we are introducing the technology related to optical connector end face cleaning. Also, we are happy to give a preliminary introduction to the wide cleaning area capability of our NeoClean EX which cleaning area is 1.8 mm diameter.

About NTT-AT
NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (NTT-AT), a subsidiary of NTT, the largest telecommunication company in Japan, has been playing a key role in the industry as a technology integrator by offering high quality and innovative technology to the global market. NTT-AT is a supplier of reliable and cost effective, leading-edge fiber optic products including a large selection of industry standard fiber connector cleaners. NTT-AT is committed to supplying optimum solutions with its deep experience and industry expertise for the tomorrow’s networking society.

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