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Menara Networks Announces Metro 100G DWDM Breakthrough with Tunable DWDM CFP Transceiver with Integr

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Menara Networks Announces Metro 100G DWDM Breakthrough with Tunable DWDM CFP Transceiver with Integrated OTN and FEC Capabilities for Metro and Data Center Interconnection at OFC/NFOEC 2013

Anaheim, CA--March 15, 2013— Menara Networks, a vertically integrated optical IP/Ethernet transport specialist, introduces today a transponder replacement for 100G DWDM transmission for metro and data center interconnection with its latest “System-in-a-Module” 100G OTN CFP pluggable transceiver.

Menara 100G “System-in-a-Module” integrates OTU4 framing, ultra FEC, full C-band tunability and 100GE performance monitoring in a 100% MSA compliant CFP form factor with a standard CAUI interface. It maps 100GE payload into an ITU G.709 compliant OTU4 frame while offering non-intrusive monitoring of the Ethernet frame statistics. ITU G.975.1 compliant forward error correction is supported with configurable coding gain up to 9.4dB for use over amplified DWDM systems. The OTU4 signal is then transmitted using optical duo-binary signal (ODB) dispersion tolerant modulation over 4 optical channels on the ITU 50 GHz grid. Each of the four channels can be independently tuned over any of the 102 channels supported on ITU 50 GHz grid. Menara’s patented “System-in-a-Module” offers a PRBS line performance checker/generator, an extensive set of OTU4 Performance monitoring pints and alarms and has a built-in OTN SNMP MIB accessible through the front Ethernet face plate for ease of configuration and management. The company announced it has received an order from a Tier-1 system vendor for this product.

Menara is also announcing the Armada 1000-GM, a 1RU 100G WDM transport solution that offers 100G transponder and 10G/40G muxponder functions into a tunable CFP based OTU4 100G uplink. The compact Armada 1000-GM also includes integrated EDFA optical amplifiers and dispersion compensating modules offering a complete 100G DWDM transmission solution for metro and data center interconnection applications in a compact 1 RU footprint.

“There is an expected sharp growth of DWDM traffic in metro networks driven largely by data center-to-data center interconnection,” observes Eve Griliches, Vice President of Optical Networking at ACG Research, an analyst and consulting company that focuses in the networking and telecom space. “The coherent 100G solutions currently deployed in the core of the networks do not meet the cost or the power consumption points commensurate with this market just yet and Menara’s integrated solution effectively addresses this market need.”

“Menara Networks continues on its march to simplify the optical network and help carriers and data center operators bridge the gap between the growing network cost and the declining revenue per bit,” said Siraj Nour ElAhmadi, Menara Co-Founder and CEO. “We continue to believe that WDM transmission is a cost and not a revenue center to service providers. Our latest DWDM 100G “System-in-a-module” OTN CFP brings the same level of disruption to the economics, size and power of 100G WDM transmission as our OTN XFP did to 10G transmission”.

Menara Networks will be conducting live demonstrations of its Metro DWDM OTN CFP and other products at its booth # 1421 on the exhibit floor of this year’s OFC/NFOEC conference taking place in Anaheim, CA from March 19 thru March 21. 

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