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IPtronics Unveils 25G

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IPtronics Unveils 25G

IPtronics announces operation of its 4ch 25G chip set

ROSKILDE, Mar. 2 - IPtronics is pleased to announce 4x25 Gbit/s operation of its 1st silicon optimized for 25 to 28Gbps applications that will support data rates from 2.5Gbps up to 28Gbps. The chip set is the first in a row of dedicated devices for low power, high volume parallel optical interconnects primarily focused at computer communications.

The ever increasing requirements for bandwidth, density and lower power make such solutions especially compelling to Super Computer (HPC) providers and others, such as cloud computing, servers and routers, requiring as much data crunch in a limited area as possible. The key drivers are density, low power, cost and manufacturability. The chip set addresses all of these requirements. By integrating new architectural thinking and advanced features, IPtronics is seeking to revolutionize the interconnect landscape by focusing on system challenges in addition to packaging constraints. By working closely with system manufacturers, the new chips will greatly improve latency- and density challenges, signal integrity and rack to rack communication issues.

Overall, the ecosystem has matured to deliver at 25G. The developments in VCSEL, photo diode, connector and packaging technologies, combined with the availability of driver and receiver IC’s, underline that parallel optical interconnects at 25Gbit/s is not only within reach, but becoming a reality this year. Due to clear cost and flexibility advantages the VCSEL based approached is expected to be the technology of choice for short reach parallel optical interconnects at 25G.

“I am very pleased to see our new, ground-breaking technology for Multi-Channel parallel optical interconnects working”, says Henning Lysdal, VP of Engineering at IPtronics. “I expect this new line of products to be very successful in the marketplace.”

IPtronics employs an advanced yet cost efficient SiGe technology that offers low power benefits and plenty of frequency headroom for this and future, faster products The IC’s are suited, not only for Mid Board Optics applications, but also for InfiniBand EDR and 100G Ethernet and include advanced features addressing multiple module and system level challenges. The chip set is, by design, optimized for low cost manufacturing and –assembly. IPtronics is currently working with a number of select partners developing 25G solutions.

Please contact us for more information on devices and availability IPtronics will exhibit at OFC in Los Angeles in March at booth 2647

About IPtronics:
IPtronics is a fabless semiconductor company offering next generation integrated circuits for parallel optical interconnects. Our silicon enables low power, high density, high bandwidth, and low cost modules and cables intended for the computer, storage, and communications industry. The company operates from its headquarters in Roskilde, Denmark and its US subsidiary, IPtronics Inc. based in Menlo Park, CA. Please visit or contact IPtronics on for more information.

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