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IPtronics Shipping Infiniband Silicon in Volume

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Jesper Bek

IPtronics Shipping Infiniband Silicon in Volume

ROSKILDE, DENMARK, Jan. 31 - IPtronics is pleased to announce volume shipments of its fully available products for Infiniband FDR Active Optical Cables. Mass implementation of QDR and FDR systems are driving demand for IPtronics 4ch TIA and VCSEL driver arrays for FDR, 56 Gbps chip sets.

With an established leadership in silicon for 4x10Gbps and 12x10Gbps applications, IPtronics offers of a 16Gbps version of its power performance leading 4 and 12 channel VCSEL drivers and TIAs for parallel optics. IPtronics has experienced protocols such as Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet, proprietary encoding schemes and Fiber Channel driving faster applications based on the ever increasing demand for bandwidth. This, in turn, has led to an increase in requirements for higher density and more through-put in data center applications.

By leveraging existing technologies which are in mass production today, IPtronics now offers a low risk path to more through-put. The 16Gbps integrated circuits from IPtronics have identical footprints to the current 10G 4 channel and 12 channel offering, which operates at channel speeds of from 4Gbps to 12.5Gbps This makes for a seamless transition path for module manufactures as well as for system manufacturers in re-qualifying for higher speeds. 12.5Gbps per channel is getting more traction and recently Infiniband FDR at 14.025Gbps per channel has been gaining momentum - IPtronics offers a solution with the same architecture and pad out all the way from 5 Gbps per channel to 16Gbps per channel.

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