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Introducing Our Latest Product in Optical Connector Cleaners, the “NEOCLEAN –M” for Multi-Core Optic

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Introducing Our Latest Product in Optical Connector Cleaners, the “NEOCLEAN –M” for Multi-Core Optical Connectors

NTT-AT, the pioneer in optical connector cleaners, expands its product lineup in response to the special needs of multi-core optical connector cleaning~ NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (hereafter, “NTT-AT;” head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takashi Hanazawa) will begin sales of its multi-core optical connector cleaner, “NEOCLEAN-M” both domestically and internationally from April, 2013. Although NTT-AT holds a high share of the single core optical connector cleaner market, both domestically and internationally, now, in order to be compatible with the large expansion of multi-core optical connectors especially at use in data centers, NTT-AT has newly developed an extremely user-friendly cleaner specifically for multi-core connectors. Sales of 5,000 units domestically and worldwide are expected in its first year. This product will be introduced and exhibited at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC2013), America’s largest optical products trade show, opening on March 19, 2013 in Anahaim, California, U.S.A.

Along with ongoing progress in the speed and scale of optical communications development, is an increasing need for higher reliability in optical network equipment. One of the largest factors in the loss of reliability is contamination of optical connector end face. In order to remove this factor, optical connector cleaners are indispensible cleaning tools. Based on the technology of NTT Research and Development, NTT-AT, as a pioneer in optical connector cleaners, has been responding the needs of its customers over many years to develop a wide lineup of cleaners focusing on single fiber optical connectors. Meanwhile, the MPO (Multi-fiber Push-On) multi-fiber optical connector has been adopted by data centers etc. especially in North America, and the multi-fiber optical connector has become popular in a greatly expanding market. In response to the special cleaning needs of multi-fiber optical connectors, NTT-AT has now developed the “NEOCLEAN-M” cleaner for MPO optical connectors. By further expanding its lineup of optical connector cleaners, NTT-AT is able to respond to an even wider range of its customers needs.

  • No Special Skills : One push system automatically cleans the connector and advances the cleaning tape.
  • Compact : Handy to operate with just one hand. Use with both male (plug) and female (port) optical connectors : Attachment enables compatibility for male end as well.
  • Specifications Compatible Connectors: MPO multi-fiber connectors Size: L205×W15×H50mm Usages: More than 600 times Cleaning Performance: Equivalent to high performance cleaners CLETOP and OPTIPOP
About NTT-AT
NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (NTT-AT), a subsidiary of NTT, the largest telecommunication company in Japan, has been playing a key role in the industry as a technology integrator by offering high quality and innovative technology to the global market. NTT-AT is a supplier of reliable and cost effective, leading-edge fiber optic products including a large selection of industry standard fiber connector cleaners. NTT-AT is committed to supplying optimum solutions with its deep experience and industry expertise for the tomorrow’s networking society. Contact International Business Division (Tokyo, Japan) phone: +81 3 5843 0927 US Office (San Jose, CA) phone: +1 408 392 4280 email: URL:

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