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Go!Foton Unveils Ultra-High Density Universal Cassette Chassis based on its PEACOC™ Technology Platf


09 March 2014

Joe Stahley

Go!Foton Unveils Ultra-High Density Universal Cassette Chassis based on its PEACOC™ Technology Platform

SOMERSET, N.J.--Go!Foton Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative optical connectivity solutions, is proud to announce the introduction of its new Ultra High Density Universal Cassette Chassis which is based on its industry leading, patent pending PEACOC™ technology platform.  The Go!Foton Ultra-HD Universal Cassette Chassis lays the foundation on which a multitude of optical components can be easily incorporated into the optical transport network.   The PEACOC™ technology itself is a revolutionary design which dramatically enhances the safe and accurate installation, access, and management of small form factor connectors.  

Our growing family of products based on the PEACOCTM platform promises to transform the optical transport network by enabling telecom service providers and data center operators to more efficiently and cost effectively scale their optical facilities to support the explosive growth in port density”, states Dr. Simin Cai, President and CEO of Go!Foton.

The Go!Foton PEACOC™ technology platform has undergone rigorous testing by Telcordia in accordance with Telcordia GR-449, Issue 3 and GR-63: requirements for the most demanding Telecom CO, CATV headed, and data center environments.   The new Ultra High Density Universal Chassis shatters current standards for optical port density while at the same time dramatically enhancing the ease of access and management of small form factor connectors.  Depending on the mix and type of optical component incorporated into the 48 cassettes which are supported by the 19-inch universal chassis, a fully loaded 4U chassis can comfortably accommodate front side access to a mind blowing 624 ports.  Rear access to connectors and cable management is not always practical or desired in today’s data center environment and with Go!Foton’s PEACOCTM technology platform it’s no longer necessary!  Furthermore, the individual cassettes within the chassis can be mixed and matched for even greater flexibility.  Cassettes can also be quickly and easily customized by Go!Foton for specific customer applications. 

Michael Zammit, Go!Foton VP & GM of Connectivity Solutions indicated, “It doesn’t matter what the optical component is or whether the application supports 40G, 100G or FTTH for that matter.  Our intention with the PEACOCTM technology platform and family of products is to be the foundation from which network operators can exponentially scale their optical networks in an efficient, accurate, and cost effective fashion”. 

Go!Foton is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of a plethora of optical components including fused couplers, PLC splitters, WDMs, CWDMs and DWDMs.  In addition to the PEACOCTM family of products, all of Go!Foton’s passive optical components are manufactured and tested for strict compliance with Telcordia GR-1209 ad GR-1221.

The explosive growth in data center construction driven by social media, internet commerce, cloud computing, and the pervasive demand for ubiquitous upstream/downstream video over smartphones creates a fertile market for ultra-high density optical distribution in telecom and datacom equipment centers.  With total data center IP traffic expected to grow at 31% CAGR1 over the next 5 years, datacom managers will increasingly seek out space efficient equipment solutions in order to maximize future scalability in a cost effective fashion.   The Go!Foton Ultra High Density PEACOC™  technology platform, which offers industry leading density, scalability, and accessibility is the right solution at the right time.

1Source: Cisco Global Cloud Index 2013

Go!Foton is showcasing the PEACOC™ technology platform at OFC 2014, March 11-13 in San Francisco, California. Booth #1615.

About Go!Foton
Formerly known as NSG America, Go!Foton was created through a management buyout of NSG Group’s telecommunication device business in July 2009. The company provides a variety of telecom solutions for long haul, metro, and broadband access applications, as well as supplying optical materials and components to the imaging, medical, and instrumentation markets. A global company, Go!Foton has sales offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, in addition to development and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Japan, China and in the Philippines.
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