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Go!Foton and Samsung Jointly Announce the Invisia™ Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solutions for FTTH deplo

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Go!Foton and Samsung Jointly Announce the Invisia™ Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solutions for FTTH deployment in MDUs

Somerset, New Jersey and Gumi City, South Korea, March 19, 2013 --- Go!Foton Corporation and Samsung Electronics, Inc. jointly announce the introduction of the Invisia™ Indoor Living Unit (ILU) Solutions. Invisia™ ILU is an innovative MDU drop cable solution that allows service providers to bring FTTH service to existing MDU living units in a faster and easier fashion. Invisia™ ILU reduces a carrier’s installation costs and minimizes the disruption and aesthetic objections often associated with retrofitting service cables in existing MDU living units. Invisia™ ILU consists of a new 900um drop cable with G657.B3 fiber, the most advanced bend optimized fiber manufactured by Samsung Electronics. The translucent Invisia™ cable is easily attached to a variety of wall surfaces using simple and discrete plastic clips. Designed and manufactured by Go!Foton, the pathway management toolkit provided with Invisia™ ILU includes a variety of these clips along with a small tube of specially formulated epoxy which can be applied at discrete points along the cable or smeared like painters caulk, resulting in a truly invisible installation that may be painted by the homeowner if desired. The Invisia™ ILU system has successfully passed rigorous laboratory testing by Telcordia Technologies and it meets the demanding requirements specified by Verizon in TPR.9459. Tested to withstand the typical bumps and pulls one may expect in a home environment, as well as resistance to dry heat, high humidity, and a variety of household cleaning agents, the Invisia™ ILU solution is the industry’s first practical and affordable solution for FTTH deployment in existing MDU living units. As the name implies, Invisia™ ILU blends into any wall surface (painted or not), making it nearly unnoticeable to the untrained eye. By doing away with mechanical fasteners typically associated with conventional cable placement, service providers can now be more confident and aggressive when they market their FTTH services to even the most demanding MDU occupants. The solution eliminates the need for drilling and fishing cables which is often expensive and time consuming for carriers. In addition, Invisia™ ILU does not require any mechanical fasteners which may damage the interior finish of the living unit. The product goes on easily and stays on! The adhesive plastic clips allow just one installer to quickly create a path from the entrance point of the unit to wherever the ONT needs to be placed. After routing the 900um cable through each clip, it is easily drawn tightly to the wall where the included epoxy can be used either in dollops or it can be smeared like painters caulk. The result is a nearly invisible installation that is highly robust and well protected. Installation times are dramatically reduced and customer satisfaction with the solution has been overwhelming during initial field trials conducted with an industry Tier 1 carrier in US. Go!Foton and Samsung are jointly showcasing Invisia™ ILU solutions at OFC/NFOEC2013, March 19-21 in Anaheim, California. Booth 2309

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