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GIGACOM Introduces the World’s First Semi-Automated Optical Distribution Frame at OFC/NFOEC

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GIGACOM Introduces the World’s First Semi-Automated Optical Distribution Frame at OFC/NFOEC

The new SAODF2304 allows for the (re)configuration and test access of the physical fiber plant without manual interventions or truck rolls.

Averbode, Belgium, March 11, 2013 – Gigacom Benelux BVBA announced today the introduction of the SAODF2304 Semi-Automated Optical Distribution Frame (SAODF). This product will dramatically reduce the OPEX and carbon footprint of deploying fiber optic networks because all patching and testing can be done from behind the technician’s desk. The management of the physical layer of fiber networks has not seen a lot of innovation in the last decade. Manual ODFs usually terminate the fibers on a connector. This connection point provides the flexibility required for reconfiguration, future upgrades, redundancy or test-access. Reconfiguration of the physical fibers is necessary today, and will remain necessary in the future. Every time an activity is required on the ODF or street cabinet, a truck roll and a manual intervention will be necessary. These interventions are expensive, require 24/7 availability of skilled technicians and the risk of making errors is substantial. Therefore, a few companies developed Automated ODFs. Most of the full optical switches available on the market today, are sophisticated products that are too costly for use in dark fiber or access networks. “The unique double layer architecture of our Semi-Automated ODF combines the best of the manual and automated world”, says Ludwig Vleugels, Managing Director of Gigacom Benelux. “Our robotic technology is scalable, dense, reliable, and affordable, even in FTTx networks where cost is key. The SAODF provides the foundation of a fully automated fiber management and test system, that will offer great advantages during network build, commissioning, deployment and service assurance. Gigacom can offer the complete system, including metalwork, splicing trays, connector modules, patch cords, robotics, management units, control software and even OTDRs.” A 2304 fiber version is currently being trialed by several European operators and local partners. Smaller (street cabinet) and larger versions (up to 4600 fibers) will complete the product range later on. Please visit Gigacom at OFC/NFOEC 2013 in booth 1244, or at

About Gigacom Benelux BVBA
Gigacom Benelux BVBA concentrates on the automation of next-generation fiber networks for the telecom and datacom industry. Gigacom Benelux BVBA provides high-end solutions that dramatically lower cost of ownership. The Belgian division is part of the Gigacom Group, with offices in Sweden, Norway and the UK. 

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