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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes LUCEO Technologies for its Price Performance Value Leadership in the BER

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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes LUCEO Technologies for its Price Performance Value Leadership in the BERT Market

Based on its recent research on the bit error rate testers (BERT) market, Frost & Sullivan presents LUCEO Technologies GmbH with the 2012 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Price Performance Value Leadership. A key market participant, LUCEO Technologies has differentiated itself by offering highly competitive, modular products that are available at a very low price when compared to its competitors.

"At this time of difficult economic conditions, especially in Europe, it is extremely important for test vendors to offer testers that are affordable, yet provide the adequate features and functionalities customers are looking for, without sacrificing quality," said Frost & Sullivan Industry Manager Sujan Sami. "The cost-effectiveness of their products will be critical for companies to remain competitive in the BERT marketplace."

With a starting price of just $30,000, LUCEO Technologies’ PARALLEX® products are at least 30 percent less expensive than the competition’s offering. This is the key reason for the growth of the company over the past 2 years – over 6 percent – which is higher than the market average.

LUCEO Technologies is focused mainly on the production environment and is well positioned to address growing technologies such as SONET/SDH, bolstering market growth. Its products offer testing capabilities for 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet technologies, thereby enabling customers to test at higher data rates.

The PARALLEX® system has both electrical and optical interfaces giving customers the option to perform parallel tests to increase capacity during production. This helps save time and speed up production. Due to its lower cost, even institutes with limited budgets have purchased these products, saving money for research and development. With the PARALLEX® product, the customer has the option to increase the bandwidth by adding channels. This product finds extensive use in applications such as active optical cable (AOC), QSFP, PCI Express Gen 3 with 8 channels of 8GBit/s, or 40GbE/100GbE that requires simultaneous testing of several channels with individual controls. The test system can add 12 channels allowing customers to save money by customizing their product to the number of channels they require and upgrade when required.

LUCEO Technologies also strives to provide superior support to customers. It partners with well-known distributors to sell globally and provide adequate support to solve customers’ problems quickly. Customers need not wait for their servicing, and the end users have easy access to engineers. This provides LUCEO Technologies' clients with a significant advantage. In addition, the company offers training during the installation phase and operational phase over the web to enable clients to access information from their office.

About LUCEO Technologies GmbH
LUCEO Technologies was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Started by a group of engineers, the company has gained admirable recognition in the test and measurement equipment market for optical component and transceiver characterization. The company offers affordable, yet fully-featured, bit error rate testers. The products are highly flexible and customizable due to the modular approach, in line with customers’ needs.

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