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Enhanced Feature Set of EMCORE Tunable XFP Transceivers Provides Flexibility to Next-Generation Opti

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Enhanced Feature Set of EMCORE Tunable XFP Transceivers Provides Flexibility to Next-Generation Optical Networks

ALBERQUERQUE, Mar. 2 - EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ: EMKR), a leading provider of compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the fiber optics and solar power markets, announced today an enhanced feature set for the full-band Tunable 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second) Form-factor Pluggable (TXFP) Transceiver, including 40 nm full-band support, a transmitter variable optical attenuator and flexi-grid compliance. Based on EMCORE's patented ClearLightTM fourth generation External Cavity Laser (ECL) platform, the TXFP transceiver delivers the highest-quality optical signal, wavelength accuracy and transmission performance, along with best-in-class Side-Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR).

The EMCORE TXFP enables customers to dramatically reduce size, power consumption, and operating expenses by replacing both legacy 300-pin tunable transponders and fixed wavelength DWDM XFP transceivers. Now with an expanded feature set, customers have even greater flexibility to empower the next-generation of optical networks. EMCORE’s TXFP supports a full-band of 40 nm (100 x 50 GHz channels), making it the most widely tunable transceiver on the market. In addition, it addresses the new International Telecommunications Union (ITU) flexi-grid standard allowing customers to tune onto any frequency grid and address any off-grid frequency. EMCORE also plans to include an optional transmitter variable optical attenuator which allows customers to remove external attenuators, once again increasing density while reducing overall system cost and complexity.

“The EMCORE TXFP represents the leading-edge in metro and long-haul DWDM network flexibility by delivering the highest level of performance and tuning capability in the smallest available form-factor," commented Jaime Reloj, EMCORE's Vice President of Business Development. "By leveraging our ECL technology and in-house semiconductor manufacturing, we are able to offer our customers performance and features that no one else in the industry can match. Our customers are using the unique features of the EMCORE TXFP such as flexi-grid tuning and highest available SMSR to enable more flexible and cost-effective optical network architectures.”

EMCORE will be at the 2012 Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) at the Los Angeles Convention Center, March 6-8 in the Corporate Village, suites 2555 and 2557.

EMCORE Corporation offers a broad portfolio of compound semiconductor-based products for the broadband, fiber optics, satellite and solar power markets. EMCORE's Fiber Optic segment offers optical components, subsystems and systems for high-speed data and telecommunications networks, cable television (CATV) and fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP), as well as specialty photonics technologies for defense and homeland security applications. EMCORE's Photovoltaic segment provides products for both satellite and terrestrial applications. For satellite applications, EMCORE offers high-efficiency Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) solar cells, Covered Interconnect Cells (CICs) and panels. For terrestrial applications, EMCORE is adapting its high-efficiency GaAs solar cells for use in solar concentrator systems. For further information about EMCORE, visit

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